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@ellebean My cattle dog does that too! He's going to pee on that bush no matter what - it's more important than treats. And ditto on the fur. The shedding is constant, but twice a year he blows his coat and it looks like he's dying.

I got my little man a year ago from a local shelter. My mom knew I was looking for a dog (I'm pretty sure she was more excited than I was about it), so she 'just popped in' to Friends Forever to see what they hand. Pupster was hanging out in the office because he's that chill and friendly, and when she walked in he dropped a toy at her feet and gave her the puppy eyes for all he was worth. I visited him a week later and he immediately plopped down between my feet. We didn't stand a chance.

I wouldn't give him up for the world, even with his IBS (seriously), room-clearing gas, and extreme possessiveness. He's crazy smart and has me trained perfectly.

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@carolita Oh yes, the doggie poop check. Pupster had some major tummy issues for the first four months after I brought him home, to the point where my mom would call for a daily poop report. He won't make eye contact while taking care of business, but definitely gets happy when I tell him "good poops today, baby!" Probably because he knows it comes with a grain-free, fat-free, chemical-free, organic pumpkin treat.

Canned pumpkin is a miracle-worker when it comes to doggie diarrhea, btw.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

@camanda God bless smart phones.

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Do You Go, Girl?

@iknowright Oof. I've only fainted once, but it was at school, I brained myself on the toilet and my roommates thought I was dead. Do you have the muscle pain after an flare? I swear I couldn't straighten up for a week after that because my guts were so sore from squeezing. Before I got it under control, it'd be an exercise in patience. Lots of hanging out on the floor waiting to make sure my tummy was really, truly done. Hence the library under the sink, and occasionally a blanket.

My IBD is triggered by stress - often times I won't even realize I'm stressed out until my stomach goes nuts - and I've taken antidepressants off-label for the last ten years to control it. My primary care decided to give it a whirl after a particularly bad bout where I got sick every single time I ate happened to coincide with a catastrophic knee injury and my grandpa's funeral. Most other docs I've seen haven't heard of the tactic, but every time I try to kick the Wellbutrin habit my colon tries to pull an Alien. As long as I stay on the meds, avoid trigger foods (excessive grease and cheese, my two favorite things) and accept that some days are just going to be bathroom-centric, it doesn't define my life like it used to.

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@iknowright Yup, IBD = major pain. The best way I can describe it is it's like someone grabbed by colon and twisted. This is also why, despite having lived with a bazillion roommates and being generally embarassed about it, I still keep a magazine under the sink. I'm pretty sure I read the entire Little House on the Prairie series in the bathroom when I was eight, and old habits die hard.

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@maybe partying will help
Squatting toilets are SO UNPLEASANT. Especially when you're 17, traveling in Asia for the first time with a large group of your peers and have tummy troubles even in the most ideal eating situations. Ten years later I still have nightmares about holding a squat for an extended period of time over one that didn't have a roof. AGONY.

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@Euglena Title please? I NEED TO READ THAT.

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On [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You

@elysian fields I just bought Catherine Called Birdy at a library book sale because my immediate reaction upon seeing it was "holy cow that book was AMAZING in sixth grade!" Am I the only one who haunts used book sales specifically to buy things I thought were awesome in elementary school?

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@kerouackangaroo I read all the 'Princess Diaries' books in college. No shame.

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@PistolPackinMama It freaked me out when I read it for the first time. Last year. When I was 27. How did you manage to process it at 12??

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