On 500 Days Alone In: The World

@Emby i think that's right. it's very possible to save for a vague trip idea in the future for years and years and then decide that you have this amount of money to spend and you're gonna travel until that money is gone. no rent, putting loans in forbearance, staying on camping grounds or in hostels, eating very little (such as stretching hostel breakfasts for an entire day), traveling by bus or foot or ferry (if you sleep on the floor you both travel and save on accommodation)... aside from plane tickets I actually think it's quite possible if not comfortable.

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On On Romance and Psychosomatic Sneezing


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On The Fountain of Passion

that's a little intense first thing on a monday morning! i somehow thought the surprise would be a chocolate fountain or baby bears in a fountain, you know?

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On Kids and Food


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On Your Favorite Short Stories

@abetterfate hmm i see the issue. but do it anyway, and, uhm, watch it ironically?

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On Your Favorite Short Stories

@abetterfate have you seen Wristcutters? It's based on one of his stories and is pretty amazing!

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On The Pietzsch Collection is Amazing, Though

@whateverlolawants it's really pretty crazy, but not unusual in a trend of donors/patrons having a lot of say. I'm not sure germany would send these works out on loan or if there are collections able to cover the insurance on them, etc. upsettingly, storage is the most likely scenario, which sucks!

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On The Pietzsch Collection is Amazing, Though

Their collection might be amazing, but this is a REALLY big, bad deal! The implications of patron vs curators/museum are insane, not to speak of the Old Masters that will not be on view in the only museum in Berlin that is committed to display works created up to the 18th century. What it says about priorities of display, history, etc. is genuinely appalling and everyone should be alarmed! So there. Thank you for posting!!!

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On Your Favorite Short Stories

The ones who walk away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin! Edgar Keret's Nimrod Flipout (and all the other ones)! Kurt Vonnegut's collections!

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On Suddenly, a Knock on the Door, and Other Stories to Read in the Night

@frigwiggin YES!

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