On Whale Radio

@laurel There are a couple of wholphins in captivity in Hawaii I believe, and allegedly there are some in the wild, but I know they were super suprised in the '80s when the first captive one was born, because they had been keeping a bottlenose dolphin and a false killer whale in the same pool and didn't know they could breed. Wholphins are also super cool because they are pretty much halfway between the two species; they have 66 teeth while one of their parents has 44 and the other 88. Plus, at least one of the captive ones has sucessfully bred, so they aren't infertile like mules or other hybrids.

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On Whale Radio

Whales! Pilot whales and Killer Whales ARE more closely related to dolphins. They're all Delphinidae/oceanic dolphins, which is why you can get Wholphins (false killer whale/bottlenose dolphin combo like a liger!). Wholphins are the best.

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On Options on Ice

@Heidi Holland My siblings and I were all conceived from IVF in the late 80's/early 90's and at the time frozen embryos were still experimental but largely sucessful(my sister was frozen), so I would imagine that frozen egg technology in the intervening 20+ years has advanced enough to make your chances of viable eggs pretty good.

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Puritan Edition

This means I get to link one of my favorite sketch shows ever, featuring Fight-the-good-fight-of-faith and Silence-discipline-search-the-scriptures: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk0hE4IdVQs

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On Enough With the Fake Diary Novels, Already

@The Lady of Shalott I totally agree about The ____'s Wife books, they are super annoying and need to stop, but in fairness I tried out your suggestion with my library catalogue and there are a lot of The ___'s Son books as well as The ____'s Daughter books. Discounting non-fiction on the first few pages, it's The Demon Trapper's Daughter, The Pirate Captain's Daughter, The Butterfly's Daughter, The Schoolmaster's Daughter,The Printmaker's Daughter, and The Witch's Daughter vs. The Orphan Master's Son, The Poacher's Son, The Piper's Son, The Accordianist's Son, and A Hustler's Son. There's no excuse for The____'s Wife/Sister thing though.

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