On War Horse: An Illustrated Review

@Ali Bannister@facebook Well done Ali on all your efforts in the film - and for your lovely oil painting in Iddesleigh Village Hall. That's a story that made me smile.

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On War Horse: An Illustrated Review

Great stuff! I love this!

"Sometimes when I'm riding in a car, I look out the window and imagine I'm riding a horse running alongside the road and we're jumping over fences and mail boxes and benedictcumberbatches and stuff."

Oh my god, me too, almost, but with me it's when I'm driving and there are long shadows from the hedgerows and trees over the road, I do a mental 'hup' jump with the car and 'oof' as I land on the other side. Me and my magic carhorse fly if the shadows are very wide.

Also, when I was a girl I never went through the 'wanting to ride horsies' phase, but I did make reins and tied them to my bicycle handlebars and rode round the garden like that. It's a bitch to get the hang of but once you have mastered it with about 6 inches of rope on either handlebar, it's a doddle, though cornering is tricky (cue grazed knees). I even used to put the long pole with which my mum used to prop up the washing line on the lawn and rode over that, doing the 'hup ... oof' thing. Sad but true.

I am 49. I need to get a life.

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