On On Fear as the Mind-Killer

@upupandaway Thank you for that link! Dealing with an injury/re-learning how to do everyday-life things in PT makes me feel like a crazy lady sometimes, and it's nice to hear that's not out of the ordinary.
@parallel-lines After 5 doctors and 2 rounds of PT that didn't work, I found a PT who's a former dancer and totally "gets" it. I still have rough patches for sure, but having someone who believes I SHOULD be getting back to dance/yoga/the gym is great.

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Food Allergies

@The Lady of Shalott @katiemcgillicuddy
Try microwaving your apples or what have you for 30 seconds, anytime before you eat 'em-- apparently it denatures the pollen/protein/? that causes the itchy.

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@doomfordarlings Joe's tend to stretch a LOT over the course of multiple wears (as compared to other "premium denim") so if you go the Honey route, buy 'em TIGHT. I wear a size smaller in Joe's than I do in any other kind of jeans.

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On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

@SarahP SalonApprentice.com, too! Lots of apprentices/trainees post what they need from week to week. The catch is that you have to be available when they have their training days. But I've had great experiences with trainees at a couple different Chicago salons.

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On Beauty Q&A: Mystifying Dress Codes & The Great Bra Hunt

@TheRisottoRacket Agreed with @emilymoesewco, Salon Apprentice is an awesome website.

I've had my hair cut and colored by apprentices at both Art & Science and Robert Jeffrey in Wicker Park, and have had great experiences. Bringing pictures (woo Pinterest!) with color ideas was better than me trying to explain the hue I wanted. The one thing is that appointments can run long-- I always try to do it on a day I don't have to be anywhere for a long time.

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On Jew Camp Confidential

@Hammitt Somehow I never got those brochures...but now I work for a CTY camp, two summers running. I sit in on their classes sometimes and wonder if (/know?) all these kids are smarter than me.

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On Phish-Heads: Nature or Nurture?

@Toby Jug either you know me, or i need to meet your friend.

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On Happy Hour: So You Have a Citrus Allergy ... Now What?

@phenylalanine @Diana Vilibert I saw this article and was hoping to come across any nut-related conversation in the comments! I've got nut allergies too.
I skip amaretto, Frangelico, and SoCo (I read somewhere that it has tree nuts in it?). Kahlua's fine. Tanqueray and Bombay gin are no good, but Seagram's is fine. Glad to hear that Disaronno's actually OK-- something new to try!

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