On Lord I Lift Your Camp On High

@Anne Helen Petersen Argh! I didn't have any praise songs stuck in my head until now, because I didn't think I knew any, but now I have "Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown" from the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack stuck in my head. Just as well I like that song...

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On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@han Totally! I actually just read The Golden Bowl, followed by Age of Innocence followed by Great Gatsby, and it sort of became a look at disaffection through the ages. Weird, but in a good way.

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On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

So, apparently I have unusual taste? I loved Wuthering Heights, loved Age of Innocence, and never made it past about chapter 4 in Little Women. Also, yes, Anna is messed up, in fact TOLSTOY hated her, but then again I hated Levin, which maybe tells you something about how I feel about Tolstoy...

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On Attention Sloppy Nail Polishers

They were also having trouble with "your" versus "you're," so maybe it is that hard? (Yes, I am that jerk who gets all bent out of shape over these things, and then messes up the grammar in her own post and has to go back to edit it. Sigh.)

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On Affection, Gift Returns, and Professors on Facebook

@Emby This is such a tough one to answer without knowing the gentleman-friend in question. I feel like I, for one, would much, much rather have my sweetie say to me: "oh, that is a really lovely sweater, thank you for thinking of me and how chilly I get at the office [or how I'm always saying I wish I had more occasions to get dressed up, whatever it is that recognizes the thought put into the gift], but I'm afraid I just won't be able to get enough use out of this to make it worth it. Would you mind horribly if I returned it to get some things for my new job? [Optional offer of coming with, promise to always think of him when you go into meetings knowing you look good and all grown-up.]"

Especially if boyfriend is the practical type, maybe he would be sad to see his gift hanging around unused. Also while, while I agree honesty isn't *always* the best policy, I, for one, would like to feel like my sweetie was ok telling me the truth on something like that; especially if they (a) acknowledged the thought put into the gift (but isn't it always better to have the thought *and* the nice gift?) and (b) candy-coated it for me just a little, out of consideration for said thought and nice impulses.

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@Amphora The 's does at least make sense in this case, since the store is actually named after its founder, John Nordstrom. (Full disclosure, I'm from Seattle, and you still run into Nordstroms, as in descendants of John Nordstrom, there sometimes.)

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On Two Questions About Dogs: One Nice, One Less So

@Dancercise Oh no! So sad! Big hugs to you.

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On A Brief History of Domestic Goddesses

@frigwiggin I had a roommate in *graduate school* try to cook rice in my rice cooker by just putting everything in the cooker bit (minus the bowl). WTF?

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On Eat Your Heart Out, Ann Romney

I love this so, so much.

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On Farewell, Ray Bradbury

@OxfordComma Me too! I don't know why that one is so indelibly marked on my brain, but it sure is.

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