On Who is That Masked Woman? (You.)

"Is it, like "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" Billie Piper, or "Doctor Who" Billie Piper?"
Call Girl Billie Piper, of course. This guy would ask the woman he loves to wear a celebrity mask because she's not famous enough to be fuckable. Than sounds much more Secret Diary audience than Dr Who audience.
Also, can't he just ask her to wear a plain leather hood or feathery mask and pretend Billie Piper's under it? Jesus, how little imagination can you have.

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On Sensual Shampoos, UTIs, and a "Mutual Love of M*A*S*H"


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On Happy Hour: So You Have a Citrus Allergy ... Now What?

try a grasshopper: http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink3946.html
if you want something similar with less alcohol / easier to make, pour some vodka on a mint milkshake.

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