On Quiz: Are You Being Insane About Choosing Your Bridesmaids' Dresses?

I bought saris from my BMs. But I wanted my sister to be able to wear whatever she wanted so she bought hers first and then I chose the other saris myself (we were in India so none of my BMs except for my sister saw them before hand but I paid for them so whatever) and I sort of freaked out cause they didn't have any in "my colors" so I bought totally random colors that didn't match either my sister's sari, my sari, or "my colors" (yes they were all different) and then just didn't really look at them after I bought them because I was convinced that it was all going to look horrendous together.
It turns out it actually did all complement each other in the end. And if you choose nice stuff the idea that you have to stick so militantly to "your colors" is kind of dumb. Also then when someone asked me what my colors were I could say: all of them.

Also, I've been a bridesmaid 3 times and I liked all my dresses. Two were saris that I've gotten a lot of use out of and the other was black strapless jcrew dress that I bought for $80 from ebay - that dress I love but I don't fit into anymore :(

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On Happy Hour: So You Have a Citrus Allergy ... Now What?

@steponitvelma Oooh. A hendricks-and-cucumber-less life makes me so sad. But bourbon will make up for it!

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On Happy Hour: So You Have a Citrus Allergy ... Now What?

I think you could still have gin with a cucumber twist. I love hendrick's and cucumber! Or in the summer gin and watermelon sounds fantastic.
Whiskey and bourbon cocktails are also good with fancy maraschino cherries. We've been garnishing our drinks with luxardo cherries and they're amazing!

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