On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@Pixley Man, I've just learned (like hella people below, it seems) that you just have to pay for the good jeans. http://shop.imogeneandwillie.com/products/imogene-stretch These are my current jam, and they are AMAZING. Size down 2 from what you usually wear and then you will wear them always and forever and there will never be butt-gaps and the world will suddenly be rosy and bright. SRSLY.

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On Beauty Q&A: If You See Something, Say Something

@caprette Guys! I totally made a find-my-bestie-her-signature-perfume-somewhere-in-NYC map/trip last year. We hit like 5 different places in the day and found her the perfect perfect thing, after getting super exhausted and having our noses get sorta confused but also happy. I can totes put together a list of where in NYC to go for anyone who wants!

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On "He exists at the beautiful intersection of activism and stubble.”

@TheBelleWitch Julia Allison is so terrible! Could they seriously not have found ANYONE ELSE to ask about this? And if this is the most insightful thing any lady they interviewed had to say, then damn, this reporter is also the worst.

Sorry, I'm not usually this negative, this whole thing just makes me feel icky inside.

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On New Music: Sigur Rós, Regina Spektor, Kelly Clarkson, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

@TheLetterL Oh man, but that's the problem with the horoscopes and the tarot and the whatever-else-have-you, isn't it? Because you don't, exactly, but reallyyoudoandyoujustdon'twanttoadmitit? At least, that's how I usually feel. Oof. Here's the abridged version of what mine said: "Queen! You used to be strong. Fool! You are now being a dumbass. Something with lots of swords! This $%&* isn't getting better any time soon, honeybunch." (background: I am in the process of maybe developing a huge crush on my ex).

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On New Music: Sigur Rós, Regina Spektor, Kelly Clarkson, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

Yo, Edith, it is too early on a rainy, stupid Monday to e-read any tarot, because damn. It just. WHY. WHY YOU GOTTA TELL ME WHAT I DON'T WANNA HEAR, CARDS.

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On Friday Open Thread

@aliceandstuff OH MAN do you want to sublet my room (big, nice) up by Columbia for the summer?? June 1-Aug 31...then you can figure out where you really wanna be! And you're by a lot of trains. And the park!

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On Friday Open Thread

@quatsch Oh man, tell me more. I bike everywhere and I'm definitely not going to carry the little tub thing around. And i sweat a lot. And I still try to wear nice clothes. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

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On Bad Fan Fiction: Dune

@graffin I just laughed out loud so hard. And then thought of all those posters they have, where they show pictures of teenagers holding onto the outside of the subway cars? a) Does that actually happen, and b) OH MY GOD THEY HAVE MOUNTED THE SANDWORM AWESOME.

I'm going to start carrying around giant hooks for all my subway travel.

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On The Wine Scout: Rosé State of Mind

@Nutmeg Cousins are the best, let's just get that one on the table, right? Yeah cousins! And man, I looooove homemade caramels; you lucky duck!

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On The Wine Scout: Rosé State of Mind

@alpelican oh my goodness, I had one last time I was home and YES. Dreams.

I bet there's some really fun psychoanalytical things you could say about lobsters in dreams, btw. Even if they are in delicious roll form. Maybe especially if they are in delicious roll form?

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