I live in Massachusetts and I collect octopus necklaces.

On Friday Open Thread

@nina! Union Square Donuts really is great, and it's across the street from the lovely Hub Comics, for all your superhero and indie graphic novel needs. I would also recommend doing at least some of the Freedom Trail, because it gives you a great tour of downtown and parts beyond and will take you through some fun (albeit touristy) areas. Also, history! And if you need a bit of a break, go to Porter Square Books and have a ginger lemonade from their cafe.

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On Brain Trouble

Suuuuuuuuch a good post. My mother suffers from severe migraines on the regular and has since I was little, and they've gotten worse as she's gotten older. She has tried literally everything on the market to stop them or lessen the intensity. The latest effort: Botox injections all over her head to try and stop the muscles locking up. Didn't really help. That plus other health issues have ended up rendering her effectively disabled at this point, and it makes me so goddamned mad that there is nothing we can do for her except keep quiet and not cook anything smelly when she's knocked out. She missed a lot of stuff when I was a kid because she couldn't get out of bed - performances, that sort of thing.

I get migraines as well, but on the order of something like twice a year. I am terrified that they will start showing up more frequently and I'll end up like my mom.

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On Running Blind

This was lovely and heart-squeezing.

I used to use one of our cemeteries as a shortcut in my hometown, and sometimes I would go to take pictures. It was almost always peaceful even though the main roads were very close by. I hated when tour groups would show up to visit the grave of our famous dead poet, though. It seemed like an invasion of privacy somehow.

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On The Middle Part Is Having Its Moment, Again, Somehow

@j-i-a PUMPKIN WITH A WIG. Yes, exactly. (By which I mean this is why I stopped middle-parting my hair in high school.)

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On Where Autism Meets Krautrock: How I Learned to Medicate with Sound

Didn't get a chance to read this till today, but what a wonderful piece.

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On What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Same here. Hopes: dashed.

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On Twin Shadow, "Silent All These Years" (Tori Amos Cover)

That was beautiful. I also love Vienna Teng's cover of 1000 Oceans - I'm saving the PS 22 one for home so I don't ugly cry in the office.

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On "Maybe I needed to prove that I'm wife material. If he wanted 300 sandwiches, I’d give him 300 sandwiches"

@mayonegg I love that blog/project so much. It does make me sad that the Massachusetts sandwich is so unphotogenic, though, because otherwise I'd hang a print in my kitchen.

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On Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson, One of the Last Four Doctors in America to Openly Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

This was a great interview. And thank you so much for the work that you do and your bravery and your eloquence in speaking about it, Dr. Robinson.

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On Friday Open Thread

@polka dots vs stripes I was just ranting on Twitter about how UPS has decided that my vacuum, alone out of all the packages, cannot be left in my building's entryway. Which is hidden from the street and has never had a problem with theft. It didn't even require a signature, they just didn't feel like leaving it. And this facility is apparently closed weekends (???????) so my options are stay home Monday to get it, or have them keep it and haul a giant upright vacuum home on the bus. I fucking cannot.

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