On Friday Open Thread

@all Thanks for the support. I'm going to try to change my appointment to get in sooner, and you've given me some things to think about in the meantime :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@sophia_h I don't have any advice myself but I think Queen of Pickles and Shara sound very wise, and I am sending internet hugs!

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On Friday Open Thread

I found out yesterday that I probably have arthritis, specifically ankylosing spondilitis. I'm only 22 :(. Does anyone else have this kind of arthritis and can tell me about their experience with it and what I can expect? My follow-up appointment with my rheumatologist isn't until October and I'm feeling apprehensive and lost about this diagnosis.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Okhate Well, if you've met them on a dating site then the expectation is that you're interested in dating each other, even if you don't explicitly say that when you talk to each other. I would feel more hurt having my messages just disappear into the void than knowing for sure that it wasn't going to work out.

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On Friday Open Thread

Oh man, I am so behind with reading Hairpin postings. I don't have much free time what with work and long commute, plus I just got back from a few days of vacation. Buuuuuut I wanted to post on the FOT for the first time in a while because I just got engaged! So so so excited. My impulse is to try to plan everything NOW even though we're not having the ceremony until October of 2014 but I know I have to pace myself.

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On Would You Rather, Have You Ever? An Education in Three Summer Jobs

@iceberg Yes, agreed! Love the writing style.

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On Friday Open Thread

@planforamiracle Similarly, holding hands while you talk things out can help a lot. It makes the emotional connection a physical one.

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On A Very American Open Thread

So frustrated with the bureaucracy of my job. I'm in a seasonal position. I still get vacation and sick time - but I only accrue that time if I work 40 hours every week in the calendar month. I didn't know this until today. The day off I took for my doctor's appointment means I don't get any leave time accrual for June, when I could've just switched my days off for that week. My supervisor didn't know either and she feels bad about it, which I appreciate, but it doesn't really help me. And now if something comes up and I need to take a day off in July, I have no leave time available so that day off would prevent me from accruing time again. It all feels really unfair.

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On The Evolution of Miss Scarlet

@pinniped Yeah, that's the one! I always thought it was a little unfair that the box showed Mrs. White being so furtive and suspicious, like she was predisposed to be the culprit.

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On The Evolution of Miss Scarlet

@4and20blkbirds Even more versions! http://spotlightongames.com/temp/scarlett.html

(Today is my day off. Looking at Clue cards is much more interesting than cleaning the bathroom.)

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