On Friday Open Thread

If anyone finds themselves in Tokyo in July, let's hang! We're going to do a mini-pinup and it's going to be swell!

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On Friday Open Thread

@adriana Tokyo is EVERYTHING! One thing I really enjoyed a couple of summers ago was finding a place with high cafe density (using bento.com) and doing a cafe safari, just going from charming quirky place to charming quirky place. We did it in the Ebisu/Daikanyama area, but you could certainly also do it in e.g. Kichijoji. If you're into Studio Ghibli films, Kichijoji is also close to the Ghibli museum which is adorable. Otherwise I'm feeling this site at the moment http://tokyocheapo.com/

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On I Fear I'll Be Stuck on Level 29 of Candy Crush Forever

Well, I feel farther gone than anyone, being currently stuck on level 132...

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@calamity I've been listening to that album on repeat for months and still I find new favourite things

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On Actually Ask a Nurse

@feartie Oh wow, this is exactly my deal too. So far I'm ignoring all advice, contradictory or not. Apparently this isn't ideal. Please help!

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On And Another Thing About Traveling Alone

@cee Oh dude, I'm in Oxford for the weekend but my boyfriend may not react too well to an announcement of "I know we only see each other twice a month, but I'm off to see some people from the internet now."

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On How the Internet Changed Solo Travel

@Steph I wholeheartedly second Japan - I went with a friend at 19, and neither of us really knew the language, but we had the best time. It's SO safe - a friend lost her wallet with tons of cash and all her ID in a park, and recovered it, I left mine on a train and recovered it. People will leave you alone most of the time, but if you're looking lost with a map, someone will normally come up to help. The ex-pat community tends to be very inclusive as well, if you're looking for some company amid all the solo adventuring. Tokyo can be stressful if crowds stress you out - I always found that as long as I kept a peaceful state of mind and let myself be moved with the crowd it didn't faze me too much, but then I'm a small-town girl who loves everything about the city, so ymmv. There's also several more sedate, scenic areas easily reached from Tokyo by train, and there's always Kyoto and Osaka in the west.

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