On How to Date Your Plants

This is news I can use. I loved this interview!

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On Friday Open Thread

@sophia_h I have an asshole Mom, too. It sucks and others are not always very understanding. I think that cutting her out for awhile is actually a wonderful idea and might give you some relief! Good luck.

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On Morgan Fairchild Facts

The true fact that Morgan Fairchild played Sandra Bernhardt's girlfriend on Roseanne is the best of all! The fact that I can't insert a picture here makes me very sad.

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On Office Personas of Note

Office Medical Mystery

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On Office Personas of Note

Office Marc Bolan

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On Observations on a Changing Neighborhood

@parallel-lines Yep. I live in the hood and would not be able to afford to see my "hometown team" with any regularity unless I also wanted to forgo, let's say, going on vacation, or ever eating out. Not an issue for me because I don't like sports or big concerts, but that is a pretty obnoxious slap to the neighborhood. Who is going to these games?

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On "Letter to a Lost Friend"

"who looked so right by candlelight, when everyone was young " I loved this poem. Thanks for bringing poetry to the hairpin, the hairpin!

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On Reading Between the Texts: The Best/Worst Texts We Got This Year

@kati14 I also love these, though they don't mirror my life at all.

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On My Experience Working at a Marijuana Dispensary

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