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On Excavating a 21st-Century Working-Class Female's Workplace

@mouthalmighty I loved the footnotes. That with the mention of "mental calisthenics" really reminded me of David Foster Wallace. (is that a juicebox thing to say? ahhhh)

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On Qrafting With Qream

@laurel Vaseline!

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On CSS, "City Grrrl" Music Video


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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Home Décor

@bananalise Well, I now have the perfect title for my novel

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On Marriage, the Word "Queer," and "Is My Boyfriend Gay?"

@Lily Rowan Yeah, but you can use it as an adjective now.

I take issue with using "queer" as a catch-all term for all GSM because, uh, not everyone who is a GSM is queer. Intersex people aren't queer by virtue of being intersex. Hetero asexual people aren't either.
I wrote a whole post about this on my tumblr ("BOOO GET OF THE STAGE")

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On Marriage, the Word "Queer," and "Is My Boyfriend Gay?"

@Diana My dad is effing in love with both Madonna and Annie Lennox, and all his apartment decor is from Pier 1 Imports, WHOSE MEMBERSHIP CARD IS ON HIS KEYCHAIN. He is also like 220 pounds of muscle and used to go camping alone in the desert and drinks whiskey and is unabashedly comfortable in his masculinity and straightness.

"Listen, Madonna is hot. You can't expect a guy my age not to be attracted to her." - The Source Of Half My DNA

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On Marriage, the Word "Queer," and "Is My Boyfriend Gay?"

@Lily Rowan I recently discovered The Best Term Ever, which gets ride of the entire ridiculous alphabet soup problem (there's also QUILTBABPIPE which includes Pansexual people, among others.)

GSM = Gender and Sexual Minorities. Gay people! Trans people! Polysexual people! Non-binary people! Asexual people! We don't need a million billion letters, just three! Hooray!

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On Fashion Week Animals in Hats

Hey, Lisa Hanawalt, I have just one question for you: why are you so great?

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On Your Own Personal Mean Girls

@cosmia Well, the good news is that she is going to have tons of embarrassing photos to explain to her friends if and when she finally grows up!

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On The Best Time I Didn't Friend My Mother on Facebook

@marz Ho.lee. eff. At least this means that you're so awesome someone literally wanted to seem like you just to be as attractive as you. How hawt are you, for realzies

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