On Seven Months Alone in South America

@drydenlane South America is great! When I made the decision to travel/move here, I got my TEFL certificate online and then I started teaching at a private school and at language institutes and now I work as a financial editor at an outsourcing company.

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On Seven Months Alone in South America

I really like this whole article, but especially this part: "...and you've just got to figure out whether or not it seems safe or good or worth it" and the traveler's dating tales. Romance abroad might not be right for everyone, but it is a usually fun way of really getting to know a place. For me, I've definitely made some errors in judgment, but I have kept myself safe and learned a lot. I don't think agreeing to go on a date with someone in a foreign country is all that different than meeting someone in a bar in NYC and giving him your number or agreeing to meet up with someone on OK Cupid. There are risks involved in both and you just have to do your best to stay safe and in your comfort zone.
A great read! I love travel tales.

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On Seven Months Alone in South America

@drydenlane Defected attorney right here! Also not by choice - lost my job in 2009, decided to travel to Chile for a month and I'm still here almost 5 years later.
Are you interested in traveling?

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On Talking to Kelly Lewis, Professional Solo Female Traveler

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On Talking to Kelly Lewis, Professional Solo Female Traveler

@abunnyfish @abunnyfish From reading a lot of travel blogs, particularly solo female ones, it seems a lot of people live super frugally for years and save and save and then leave, and ALSO work up businesses that they can run to support themselves while traveling - freelance writing, editing, coding, etc. While I don't know how this woman did it, it seems like a lot of people who travel long term are working while traveling.

And bowties is right, there are other ways to make money, like teaching English. For me, I had a bit of money that I wanted to use to travel - enough for about a month of traveling. But a month turned out to not be enough, so I found a job teaching English in South America and have been here ever since (4+ years).

Also, I love the Valparaiso story. I live in that area, and I know the Pemex you're talking about. I love that people helped you - that has always been my experience here. Happy travels!

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On Ask a Dietitian: Salt Cravings, Workout Food, and Things to Eat When I'm Stressed

@e-liz One thing that helped me keep during my training was eating immediately after running. I mean, immediately - as soon as I walked in the door. I'd have a gatorade, some peanuts and chocolate milk for 6+ miles, maybe just the chocolate milk for fewer miles. Then I'd stretch and shower and be ready for a real meal but not out-of-control hungry.
I also found myself craving animal protein with nearly every meal, so I just went for it. I'd eat a whole pound of spaghetti with marinara sauce, but if I had a bolognese sauce, I felt satisfied with a lot less.

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On I'll Have a Hoagie and a Soderpop

Sames with the "online" thing - I swore up and down I'd never say it and after just a few months in New York, it was just rolling off my tongue all natural-like.
Also, being from Alabama, I can confirm the "devil beating his wife" during a sunshower (i only recently learned that it is called a sunshower, and I am 34 years old). But when my mom taught me the expression, she taught it to me as "the devil's wife is beating the devil." I clearly remember having an intense argument with another 7-year-old about which was the right expression.

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On The Treat Yo Self Pie

This past week: 100% not doing the dishes. F 'em.
Tonight (because I got paid): 100% not doing the dishes PLUS wine and takeout.
Dishes will keep 'til Saturday.

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On Selections from Taco Bell's New "Millennial Menu"

@fondue with cheddar The south's answer to White Castle.

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