On When Will A Woman Win the Iditarod Again?

I really enjoyed this. I had no idea about these bad-ass women running the Iditarod and the crazy things that happen (moose attack?!). Thank you!

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On Happy Birthday, W.H. Auden

I know I'm that person now but there's no "la" in "plus ça change"...

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On What I've Learned From My Side Job Critiquing Dick Pics

Sweet Jesus, this is the best tumblr ever. Please keep doing this indefinitely.

I had never seen a beautiful dick pic before now, and goodness me, there are some beautiful ones, and also some hilarious ones, and your review style is just perfect. Thank you so much.

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On Olives - It's What's For Dinner

@j.a.b. They like bananas! Aww.

Either way, this list needs semicolons because it contains a list element with an internal comma (either hand-picked, like bananas OR like bananas, they are best picked green). Semicolons!

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On Which Disney Princess Wedding Dress Speaks to You?

@kayjay Nope, I think it's hot, too.

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On The Second Fortunate Cookie

Kids need to learn to push their ice cream scoops down into the cones with their tongues as they eat, is all I'm sayin'.

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On Shame the Children

(1) The dad in question has great legs, frankly, and the shorts look good on him.

(2) However, this line in parentheses made my skin crawl: "(hmmm….something’s wrong with this picture. Why was my wife feeding the animals and not one of our teens? Great question.)"

Do I detect a whiff of overbearing patriarchy in this family?

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

My face is already on me all the time, am I secretly a man?

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On Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

I get that "L'enfant" is a reference to the station name, but "gare" is feminine. So sorry to be that person! but it should be "de la gare" (though metro stations are not called "gare" either, they're called "station" in French).

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On Beauty Secrets: Human Tears

@iceberg I look gorgeous after a couple minutes of crying -- big eyes, wet, dark lashes, lots of color in my face -- and then after, oh, twenty minutes or so I start to look like an alien, especially with the major eye and tip-of-nose swelling, and if I go to sleep with cry-face I'm hideous in the morning and it takes HOURS to look normal again.

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