On Talking to Lauren Oliver and Lexa Hillyer, "Story Architects" for Young Adult Literature

@stonefruit I must be an Old then too, because I came here just to say: Tamora Pierce. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee. Also Zilpha Keatley Snyder, though to a somewhat lesser extent. Yay!

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On It's All In Your Head: A Conversation About Being Sick Without a Diagnosis

@bureaucrab I agree with absolutely everything you said!

I keep thinking of those flowcharts in the big fat home/family health reference books my parents used to keep around, where you would search for a symptom and then walk yourself through the flowchart (do you have a fever, y/n, do you have trouble breathing, y/n) and eventually land on "take this OTC medication/call your doctor's office/proceed directly to the ER" after including or ruling out a variety of things. Is there a similar diagnostic tool for clinicians? It seems like it would be more useful than just mentally narrowing down the universe of common/rare things that could cause a symptom based on gut feeling. Like, I get zebras vs. horses, but there has to be a more organized way the way it's done now.

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On Americans Have Either Stopped Reading Books or Stopped Lying About It

@peculiarity Seriously. I just finished grad school (part time while working full time, eff me why did I ever think that was a good idea? I hated it!), and as I was musing on how I would spend my newly-gained time, one of my coworkers actually had the temerity to suggest I spend it working.

Um...no, thanks. I've got the entire rest of my life to spend at work, and I'd rather my obit have something more interesting to say than that I sure was punctual about responding to emails.

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On Talking to Kelly Lewis, Professional Solo Female Traveler

@abunnyfish Yeah, I would have liked more of that, too (hey, Billfolders? Anyone want to do a story on how to afford international adventures in a variety of circumstances?). I love travel more than ANYTHING EVAR, and I'm certainly not always on the road. I save, I research the crap out of seasons and places and jump on cheap opportunities, I coerce friends into coming along and splitting costs, I wait. I can't travel nearly as often as I would like, either because of money or obligations at home. But I manage to steal a few days or a week for myself here and there, and I see new things a bite at a time! Money has never been the biggest challenge, really - only time. I have never traveled for more than a week at a shot, and two is probably the most I will ever manage, but that's okay. I hoard my leave for years on end and engineer strange things with time zones and long weekends.

But if there's a specific place you want to go and you are able to leave for months or years, I have lots of friends who did Peace Corps/religious charitable missions/organized English teaching programs, and those are all ways to travel on someone else's dime, and maybe even get paid. I'm not interested in that kind of travel for a variety of reasons, but I bet someone else would be able to talk about it!

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On The Polar Vortex Pie

@bowtiesarecool Right? I want to go back in time and tell Little Me about this, and also that in the future there will be magical devices that allow me to get more books instantly, wherever I am, and carry them all with me all of the time.

Living in the future is the best.

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On The Polar Vortex Pie

YOU GUYS. I got an ELECTRIC VEST for Christmas. It has a rechargeable battery in the pocket. It is the most amazing thing I have ever encountered in my life! I've been wearing it to/at work ever since. Screw professionalism; I have a wearable electric blanket!

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On On the Brain-Dead Texas Woman Being Kept Alive to Gestate a Fetus

@stonefruit Yeah, I feel really strongly about advance directives and end of life planning in general.

But hey, they're worthwhile! Unless you're pregnant. Then you're not a person and you don't get to have rights and things. But we already knew that from the umpty billion other examples of this fuckery.

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On On the Brain-Dead Texas Woman Being Kept Alive to Gestate a Fetus

@stonefruit I had no idea that SO MANY states invalidate advance directives automatically in the case of pregnancy. You literally have no right to refuse (or have you designated agent refuse for you) life-preserving medical treatment if you are pregnant in a third of the US. Probably more if we're measuring by geography. Oh my god. Oh my god. That is my worst nightmare.

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On On the Brain-Dead Texas Woman Being Kept Alive to Gestate a Fetus

I had no idea that so many states invalidate advance directives and DNRs in the case of pregnancy before I read this. It is so terrifying and horrifying and WRONG.

I feel strongly about death and dying and control over the degree of medical intervention experienced, and the fact that if I am unlucky enough to be in an accident/get sick/experience a cardiovascular event while pregnant means that my wishes mean NOTHING makes me ill. That's even more horrifying than all of the restrictions around birth control and termination, which were already pretty horrifying.

Are any 'Pinners familiar with any organizations working against these kinds of provisions? Because I want to give them my money.

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On 18 Brides in a Year

@superfluous consonants ugh, the patriarchy is hard.

I feel like so many things we talk about can get boiled down to this. Word.

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