On "Peter Luger"

@City_Dater Backpacks on the train aaaghghgh! Drives me nuts. One time a girl in front of me on a NOT crowded metro (so plenty of room to maneuver it off her back on to the ground) kept swinging around with the world's most enormous backpack and no matter where I moved, she kept hitting me, somehow completely unaware. Finally I said "You need to get a hold of that backpack" and then I felt like a huge jerk for not saying it more nicely, but agghghgh. Get some spacial awareness backpack jerks!

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On Smellies

@barefoot cuntessa Hoarders! Definitely my first thought. The Real Housewives franchise, where they would all be capitalizing on the technology to hock pseudo-celebrity fragrances.

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On Genuine Class

"Dressed only in their tuxedos."

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lustful Cockmonster I loooove Bel Canto. I read a bunch of her other books and I also loooooved State of Wonder, but it wasn't the same feeling as Bel Canto. Does anyone have any recommendations for books that give that same sense of total absorption into the book-world? Other books that gave me the feeling were The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Cloud Atlas, and Life of Pi. I want a lose-yourself-in-the-story weekend! I have the whole house to myself this weekend, grey weather, some Kindle credits, and unlimited tea at my disposal.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Katiesaurous I am a sewing novice so tak amy advice with a grain of salt! I took a little sewing machine workshop and the very nice girl who taught the class said that if you want to buy a machine, you should avoid Singer unless you are buying an older model. I guess they got bought by Sears or someone and are now poor quality machines with a good reputation brand name. In her class we used a Janome model that I ended up scouting out used online because I really liked one feature- it had a needle speed control on the machine (most machines are controlled only by the amount of foot pressure). For me, this was so helpful because I was concentrating too hard on all the other pieces that I wasn't consistently maintaining a speed, and I could just set it on the super slowest and feel okay. Definitely worth considering, I'm very happy with it! I got it used for about $100.

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On Anonymous Drinking Stories

@Megano! Haha. I distinctly remember feeling sooooo proud of myself for remembering to take them out! Obviously that was a short lived feeling.

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On Anonymous Drinking Stories

My only shameful but still funny drinking story: I woke up naked in my college roommate's bed (which was in a separate room, luckily she was out of town). I found my clothes in one pile next to the bed and my PJs in the other, I can only assume I got halfway through changing and gave up. My contacts case was next to the bed, and my contacts were out, but when I opened the case, they weren't in there. I assumed I must have taken them out and flung them somewhere, like my clothes. I went to check my cell phone and it was all sticky, so I figured I must have spilled a drink on it. However, when I pried the little flippy phone open, there were my contacts! I guess I put them in there for safe keeping. Gross.

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On I Love TV

@PistolPackinMama Yes, I agree! I love TV, high and low brow, and I love reading! I actually think they go kind of hand in hand. I love the pacing and character development that TV allows for,a s opposed to movies, which anti-TV people don't seem to mind. I think a lot of shows have as much or more artistic value than most mainstream movies today too. TV and books forever!

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On Or, if You Live Elsewhere, on Your Dogsled?

@missupright Oh one time a sweet old man had a Moment with me over Posession! I was only 30 pages in though, so I didn't fully appreciate the moment. But later!

Edited: I posted too quick and had it say Persuasion- which would have been funny for a sweet old man to love. It was Posession, much more approp for a sweet old professor-looking dude.

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On Friday Open Thread

@bandgmeg You are welcome to! We have to pack up into those storage cubes and move them 3000 miles, so it's a serious job.

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