On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Gloria Swanson Saga, Part One

Maybe someone noted this already, but Buster Keaton was married to Natalie, not Constance, Talmadge. The rest of the details were right though. Love the shout out to archival sources in this one.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Dorothy Dandridge vs. The World

I remember I showed the Rita Hayworth installment to my boyfriend due to the pictures of her and Welles and all he could comment on was how tragic her life turned out to be. I was already aware of what a messed up life Hayworth had, prior to the post so it didn't phase me as much. I knew Dorothy Dandridge was limited from coming to her full potential on film due to racism, but I didn't know all the behind the scenes stuff that she had to deal with on top of the Hollywood BS. Definitely one of the most tragic star stories; she never seemed to be allowed to hit full potential.

Keep the posts coming. I love the educated, conversational tone of the Classic Scandal posts, even when they're on stars I'm familiar with. Also, please consider compiling them into a book.

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On [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You

"Song of the Lioness" by Tamora Pierce ("Alanna: The First Adventure", "In the Hands of the Goddess", "The Woman Who Rides Like a Man" and "Lioness Rampant") springs most readily to mind. I read the quartet 2-3 times between the ages of 11-15 and recently (last week) re-read the first two books for the first time in years. I realized a lot of my ideas about feminism, sex and what makes a functional romantic relationship stems from this series. Its flawed, yet strong and practical heroine Alanna is also the yardstick I measure all fantasy and young adult heroines by. With Alanna as paragon it's no wonder Twilight held no interest for me and Hunger Games really captured my interest. I intend to reread the rest of the quartet and make my way through the rest of the Tortall series, but it's a nostalgia trip. I still love the stories and characters, I don't think I've out grown them, but I find Pierce's writing too simplistic for my current tastes. Then again, my favorite reading of late has been metaphor-laced writings of Raymond Chandler, Rex Stout and Grace Metallious. Still think "Song of the Lioness" should be required reading for all preteen fantasy fans.

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On Really Good Books That Happen to Be Free For the Kindle: Part One

Totally going to pass this on to my Kindle equipped friends. I know a lot of the public domain works are available for free on the Nook too, but could you possibly do a post on free Nook books as well, or include some in your next one? Thanks. Also, there IS Project Guttenburg, which has e-books on multiple platforms, but the typesetting isn't always as nice as Kindle/Nook editions.

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On The Hairpin's Spring Reading List

Had to read "Their Eyes Were Watching God" in Advanced Placement English senior year of high school and loved it! Was just saying yesterday how I needed to re-read it. Instead I'm re-reading another book that was assigned for that class "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Cary Grant's Intimate Bromance

@Sunny Schomaker Thank you for pointing out the Spellbound/Notorious mix-up. I spent semesters of undergrad and grad school on Hitchcock and was shocked and horrified Anne Helen Petersen made that error. (And I say this as someone who gets stupid excited with each new Hollywood Scandals post from her.) Also, how come the Notorious love scene doesn't get a shout out? It's relatively chaste next to the one in To Catch a Thief, but it factors into Grant's sex appeal and Hitchcock's thumbing his nose at the Production Code.

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