Happy Post-Tonsillectomy Dinner Day

In case you've never heard of it, froyo is a food for sore throats that can't get their tonsils on some REAL ice cream. If that sounds like your problem and you live in the LA area, you can score a free supper tonight at Yogurtland and Pinkberry in celebration of the second annual National Frozen Yogurt Day. Is this madness happening anywhere else? The internet is not making it very easy to find out. If not, here are 61 recipes for the icy, bacterially fermented slop you crave.

Carly Simon Knows How to Have Fun

Carly, if you're reading this, can you please make some more vlogs? You haven't made a new one in six months. If you don't want to do vlogs these days, could you and your dogs at least make more new music videos for all of your hit songs?

All About Butts

Don't talk about Michelle Obama's butt. READ MORE

What Your Bag Says About You

You carry your junk around in:

a. A tote. You probably got it for free or for donating to some charity. It holds everything, but not always because you can't close it, so some things end up on the floor of... wherever.

b. A fancy leather handbag you got as a gift. Actually holds everything and sometimes starts conversations with strangers.

c. A not-fancy leather bag, usually a hobo, that you got at the J. Crew outlet because it was nice and cost less than $200.

d. A really not-fancy but good looking and useful pleather bag from Urban Outfitters or Target.

e. A backpack? 

f. One of these canvas and leather tool bags which should be popular given the price and how nice they look.

g. A combination of your pockets, glove compartment, and a wallet you remember to use every-so-often but eventually end up taking your ID and credit card out of and just putting those in a pocket because you don't really need everything else until you finally have spend that Subway gift card on a party sub and then you carry the wallet around for a few weeks after that, but only a few weeks.

What your selection says about you: Not much!

Go Mushroom A-Hunting

"Photographer Eirik Johnson used to go hunting mushrooms as a kid. Ferreting about in the woods of the Pacific Northwest was a family day out — getting outdoors and getting hands filthy was the goal, and any mushroom finds, a bonus. But when Johnson moved back to his native Seattle a few years ago, and heard his forager friends talk about the significant commercial mushroom hunting in the surrounding national forests, he knew it was culture to be explored … and photographed."

What I Learned at the Family Tree Center

This past weekend my husband and I went to Utah where there are bunch of Mormons. Those guys are super into genealogy because a lot of people died — like, the majority of people made on Earth so far — before Mormonism happened, so they go back and retroactively save their kin who missed out on the good word. But, of course, they must know who those people were in order to ask for their salvation, so they do genealogy. (Click that link up above for a better explanation.) I'm not quite sure why they want to help everyone else trace their family histories for free at these little touristy-looking places called Family Tree Centers, but it seems to have something to do with mission work and saving even more souls. And it was kind of the most fun I've had in a long time? READ MORE

"...I was trying to move these huge, big luggages all by myself..."

"What's the best sentence you read this week?"

In With One Ear and Right Out With the Other

"The lab builds a scaffold of the needed body part with a porous nanocomposite material, developed and patented by the team, and then puts it in a bioreactor with some of the patient’s bone marrow. The patient’s cells cover the scaffold and fill its many holes so that it essentially becomes the patient’s own." READ MORE

Friday Bargain Bin: Super Bowl Weekend


Ditch the Fridge Magnets

The right side of the double-wide fridge is plastered with drawings apparently done by Sheen's kids (he has five, four of them under the age of 10). The left side is covered with Ziploc bags containing what appear to be mementos of nights spent with other celebrities. There's a crushed pack of American Spirits in a bag marked "Sean Penn," pot residue in the bag labeled "Dogg" and a cigar stub in a bag with Roman Coppola's name on it, marked Aug. 8, 2011.

New home decorating ideas, courtesy of Charlie Sheen.