On Six Guaranteed Low-Effort Toddler Games

I am ever so in love with Nicole Cliffe. Is this a weird reaction to a writer? Yes I'm gay, but that's besides the point. This is about art.

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On Friday Open Thread

Ya'll I am on the verge of a hissy fit. I just had my third key lime flavored seltzer water which is the lady's alternative to soda, and I'm still careening down a path of destruction. I'm still at work so instead of stripping down and flopping on my bed, which usually solves these things, I've put my hair up in a serious-looking bun. Two hours and counting...

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On Friday Open Thread < ):^/

@Brunhilde that is so hilarious. what a big crazy

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On Friday Open Thread < ):^/

When I was in high school, every year a junior history teacher told a 'true' horror story about this girl he used to teach named Kimberly, who killed her parents when she was 16, and also talked to demons who lived under her house. This is still the scariest story I've ever heard. Also, I am going to a party this weekend but the girl I'm sort of dating is going to a different one, so I will probably spend all night thinking about her. And on Sunday I'm going to break up with her for good. This is most likely the beginning of a tough couple of weeks.

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On Yoga Sirens, "Starey Dinners," and Gay Teens on TV

My only issue with the 'types' lesbians look for, is that gender roles don't always present themselves in outward appearances. I would typically be cast as a 'femme' gay lady, however I take a more 'butch' role in the relationship. I meet so many cute girls who are into the butch girls and their dominant ways, but who overlook the femmey-looking girls because they assume they are predominantly submissive. I hope that all lesbos start to open up their 'type' ideas and focus more on getting to know people instead of appearances.

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