On The Evolution of Miss Scarlet

@Umlauts All the women in the movie are wearing dresses of the opposite color to their names - Miss Scarlet in green, Mrs. White in Black, and Mrs. Peacock in peach. Whereas the men are in their appropriate color (or close enough).

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On An E-Mail Announcement From the Proud New Mommy

@Daisy Razor My dad got my mom little pieces of jewelry when my siblings and I were born, and they all had our birthstones. Like, a small emerald ring or a ruby pendant. I think that was sweet. BUT, they surely weren't called "push presents", and my mom was not the type to be, like, expecting jewelry for having us...

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On The "Prom-posal"

Junior year, I broke up with my perfectly nice boyfriend about four days before prom, just because I was bored with him. Awesome timing. He says, "okay... but are we still going to go to prom together?" And I said, "Ugh, of course, it's too late for me to find another date now!" So we went, and I spent the whole time canoodling with some other boy.

I had karmic payback senior year, when three boys turned me down and I finally settled on going with a friend with whom I didn't particularly want to go, but I was too scared to go stag.

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On Mattel Continues Being Mattel

But, American Girl also just debuted Caroline, a girl in the 1812 war who runs her father's shipyard while he is a POW (or so I have gathered from my 7-yr-old's breathless retelling of what is now her new favorite series of books). My daughter has learned a ton about the war of 1812 (far more than her mother knows) and says, "Caroline is so brave, I want to be like her." So yes, Saige is here, with her bake sales or whatever, but Caroline was only released a few months before Saige was, and Caroline is on-message with the other historical dolls.

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On The New Ancient Zodiac

I read this and thought, "oh no, I'm probably a Tracy Flick." And then I thought, "well, I wouldn't take charge of so many committees if any other parent would ever step up and volunteer! Slackers!" And then I thought, "...yep, I'm totally a Tracy Flick."

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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"

@LolaLooksFrench Although I love my pixie, I have had to commit to at least mascara and eyebrow shadow every day to ward off looking like a boy or a suburban mom who has totally given up :-/ But with all the time I save doing my hair, doing a little makeup doesn't bother me.

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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"

@dinos OMG yes filling in my eyebrows became ever so much more important since getting my pixie!

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On Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

@gobblegirl Yes! I came down to post the salad I am serving Christmas Eve, which is very similar to yours - baby spinach topped with avocado, mandarin oranges, TONS of pomegranate seeds, and dressed with a TBD citrus vinaigrette. Now I think I should add goat cheese!

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On The Healthy Lazy

@questingbeast I'm guessing more soy milk/rice milk/almond milk etc. use. I haven't had cow's milk in the last 2 weeks, but I've had lots of almond milk!

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On A Salem-Lover's Tourism Guide

Also fun: the live witch trial reenactment, "Cry Innocent", in which you are a participant! The audience gets to be on the jury! There is always at least one insufferable juicebox who tries to use modern logic to be like "couldn't the fire she caused have been a trick of blah blah modern reasonable explanation?" and then the rest of the audience is like "she's a witch! she turned my bloomers purple!"

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