The Top Five Heather O'Rourke (1975 - 1988) Tribute Videos

Hey, want to look down a near-bottomless well on the Internet? Start browsing YouTube videos memorializing Heather O'Rourke, the child actress who played Carol Ann in all the Poltergeist movies, and who tragically died of "cardiac arrest caused by septic shock" just after her thirteenth birthday. Apparently there's an entire subset of YouTube subscribers fixated on assembling tributes to expired child stars — and there are a lot of them for O'Rourke, from surprisingly moving instrumental montages and the inevitable ones set to Enya and Amy Grant, to less likely pairings such as Beyoncé or N Sync. Despite citing the dates of O'Rourke's birth and death, many of the tributes are addressed simply to "Carol Ann," further blurring the line between the actress and her haunted alter ego. READ MORE

Beyond Sparkle Motion: A Q&A with Beth Grant, Character-Actress Extraordinaire

If you've watched any movies or television at all in the past three decades, then you know Beth Grant better than you think. The prolific character actress has appeared everything from Rain Man (her first big break) to Donnie Darko (in which she stridently doubted your commitment to Sparkle Motion) to No Country For Old Men. Her most recent film, The Artist, screens this week at the New York Film Festival, and next week Grant will be the guest of honor at a monthly NYC event, Meet the Lady, where she will be joining me (me!) to screen and discuss selections from her vast  body of work. During a pause between pre-show nervous breakdowns, I recorded this chat with Beth about my three favorite subjects: acting, Jake Gyllenhaal, and baby Jake Gyllenhaal. READ MORE

A Q&A With Benni Cinkle, "That Girl in Pink"

You're 13 years old, and one morning you wake up (gotta have my bowl, gotta have cere-yowl) to discover that thousands and thousands of people are making fun of the way you dance. And they're making animated GIFs of you dancing, and photoshopping them to make it look like you're playing bellows-driven aerophonic musical instruments with your flailing limbs. What do you do? READ MORE