On A Regional Delicacy

@mangosara Totally worth it. I lived on the B line for four years. The D line is a piece of cake and completely worth using for freaking Shake Shack.

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On Some Incredible Men

@papayalily Yo, there was a guy who did JUST THIS on some beauty related article. The whole natural thing drives me nuts because most times when men are referring to a "natural" look, at least mascara and eyeliner are involved (and usually some form of concealer/foundation and/or lipgloss as well).

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On A Regional Delicacy


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On Talking With My Exes' Exes

@Shirin This may or may not be the answer you're looking for, but it's based on the fact that I was once in a ridiculous love triangle that involved a jealous ex, me being jealous, and my boyfriend at the time being fucking useless. You already have two things going for you in this situation: 1. He freely admits that he's very happy with you. 2. The ex isn't really an issue to him anymore.

This may not be helpful, but the best way to stop being jealous in my experience is to work on how you view yourself as a person. There's no reason for you to be insisting that you're not as pretty or as sexually competent as his ex because neither of those things can be measured with a scale. You are you, and he obviously likes that because he's with you. Dig deep and figure out how you can make yourself feel better (this is especially important in a long distance relationship) about who you are. Ask yourself why you view yourself in this light. Try to build up your self-confidence in little ways (doing nice things for yourself on a daily, weekly, whatever basis) and big ways (evaluating what does and doesn't actually make you awesome). You'll compare yourself to her less with time, and the jealousy should fade.

I personally was only able to really start doing these things once I started seeing a therapist (and was single), so that's another thing to think about if you find yourself having a lot of trouble making progress by yourself. However, it's absolutely not necessary to do that.

Good luck!

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On A Moment "With" Kristen Schaal

@redheaded&crazie I have never seen anybody effectively explain in writing how words get weirdly elongated when you hiccup-cry until now. I kept re-reading ANYYYHEEEEHEEETHIIIIHIIIHIIIIINGGGGG, so I could just keep laughing and laughing. It was amazing.

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On "Ask Us Anything. No Judgments"

@OhShesArtsy OH MY GOD. SHUT UP. Gurl.com is what prevented me from being a complete know-nothing when it came to learning about sex, sexuality, menstruation, etc. when I was going through puberty (also early 2000s!!). It was so progressive! I'm pretty sure I learned about masturbation and all that crap there, too!

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee Yeah, I did the same thing. She tried to give the computer some extra time by getting all the stuff for the oatmeal, but then she gave up on it and handed my cash back to me. I said that I could wait/it's fine/no, I should pay, and she was like, nah, it's fine. And yeah, even though I'm Hindu, I'm not the most religious person. However, I do believe that the concept of karma has some merit because it obviously works sometimes.

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On Friday Open Thread

Hey guys! I know that I'm not the most frequent poster around here, but I wanted to share my good news! I've never posted on a Friday Open Thread, so I thought I would start now. I got a job this week, lost some weight (I'm in the process of dropping some poundage after a few years of zero attention paid to nutrition and little to no exercise despite being athletic in high school), and I got a free oatmeal at Starbucks today because their computer froze (the lady at the cash register didn't feel like futzing with it anymore and handed me my money back). It's such a relief to get hired even though it's not permanent right now because all everyone has been talking to me about is how the post-undergraduate job market is a shit-show (and indeed it is - hang in there guys!).

You all are a lovely bunch of commenters, and I hope your weekend/upcoming holiday is awesome!

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On Anne-Marie Slaughter on Family and Career, and Actually Having Both

@Genghis Khat I knew I had a doppelganger in terms of life story somewhere. I blame my mom for my interest in dating science-type guys.

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On Anne-Marie Slaughter on Family and Career, and Actually Having Both

@annev6 Preach. My parents hardly came to any school related ceremony/sports thing because they didn't have the freaking time to do it. My parents regularly came home at 7-8 PM when we had a nanny, and I got picked up at 6-7 PM even when I wasn't doing a sport once there was no nanny because that was their work schedule. I never cared. My parents made sure I was doing well in school, tried their best to be aware of my feelings, took me on vacations, and did all kinds of great things with me. I never felt not loved, and in many ways, granting me that independence was their way of showing that they trusted me. That meant a lot to me!

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