On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: In Like Errol Flynn

"more damningly"? disagree

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On "I haven’t spoken to my mother or father in over a year."

@lighter fluid It's real, I went to school with him, he's from New Hampshire or something, though, which...does not explain it.

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On How's It Going?

More music coverage! Not just posting songs! Please more excruciatingly long articles about music. And BRING BACK RELATIONSHAPES

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On Suburgatory? More Like Suburgeaven.

Yeah, I'll say it: poor man's Awkward.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Why Haven't You Gotten Rid of Your Cats Yet?

@Lucia Martinez The Furminator! Furminating our crotchety Persian is pretty much my father's only past time, other than economics-themed stand-up comedy.

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On So You Think You're Obsessed With So You Think You Can Dance?

How the fuckkkkk has no one slobbered on Jeanine and Jason's contemporary in like a million comments HOW. You guys. IT MADE ME DOWNLOAD A JASON MRAZ SONG. Plus does it piss anyone else off how they totally now overuse the real-not-stage-kiss thing that they (first? not quite obsessed enough to be sure?) did in that dance as a ratings ploy? They kissed in a Bollywood number this season. I mean I ask you.

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On Glowstick Dance Clothes

We used to do glow stick routines sometimes on my drill team. They would have looked sorta cool except it is impossible to black out a huge gym with skylights? Which was obvious to everyone except my truly amphetamine-addled coach. "Shake the wands fassssssster ladies!!! BRB bathroom break!!!! Cackle cackle cackle!!!"

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On Real Proposal Stories

@Nicole Cliffe GREY'S IRL (!!!) I hate myself

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On Reading Between the Texts

@discodamage Must disagree, drinking + texting = bad news bearssssss

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On Reading Between the Texts

@discodamage Oh man the British-people xx thing after every text (with its own crazymaking permutations obvi) straight RUINED my life before I figured out that all the dreamy accented boys did not, you know, actually want to kiss my mouth.

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