I drink too much and read a lot of historical fiction with anachronistically-spunky female protagonists.

On The Life of a Royal Attendant to Elizabeth I: Cuddling the Queen in Boat Beds, Dealing with Her "Close-Stool"

@rosaline Oh, it totally did. Elizabeth's teeth eventually completely rotted out. It didn't help that she loved sweets.

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On Angela Merkel's Husband Doesn't Have to Do Stuff Like This

@okaycrochet The Crisco is probably there to keep the cookies from getting hard and crumbly; at room temperature, it'll make them nice and soft and chewy.

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@atipofthehat Actually, we are talking about this place! Which is, more accurately, Lincoln's Waffle Shop. It is on the same block as Ford's Theatre and the Petersen House, and was, once upon a time, a gloriously greasy little spoon. Now it is still greasy, but its new location is much bigger. Seriously, if you ever visit DC, though, go here!

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@atipofthehat Yeah. It was actually pretty sad, how completely dilapidated Major Rathbone's mental state was by then. Obviously, it was way sadder for, you know, his wife who he killed.

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@cherrispryte That too! I heart the Waffle House. Best scrapple I've ever had!

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@Veronica Mars is smarter than me Excuse me, I just inhaled nearly all of my tea. Owwwwww.

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Artificial Sweeteners

@maybe partying will help I hatehatehaaaaaaaaate regular Mountain Dew, but the throwback? Dude, where was this stuff when I was pulling all-nighters in college?!

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@frigwiggin I just have an unhealthy obsession with the Booth family, tbh. They are all FASCINATING.

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@frigwiggin Well, everyone (except John Wilkes Booth, natch) was on a super high because the war had literally ended less than a week before, plus Lincoln was pretty well known for attending plays in DC, and could have chosen another one, but he came to this one, so the actors were stoked. Plus, they had been expecting General Grant - man of the hour, as everyone kind of saw it then - and his wife Julia to come with the Lincolns, so this was a big deal. Except Julia Grant didn't like Mary Todd Lincoln one little bit and was all "Pfft, Ulysses, let's go visit our kids in New Jersey instead," so that's how Major Rathbone and his ladyfriend Clara Harris wound up in the presidential box. Oh, and about 15 years later, he stabbed Clara to death and then tried to kill himself because he felt so guilty about not stopping the assassination.

Why no, I haven't read extensively or anything about the assassination. :P

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@ajayne If you're interested in learning more about Edwin Booth - and his brother John Wilkes - I totally recommend My Thoughts Be Bloody: The Bitter Rivalry That Led to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Nora Titone. Their dad Junius Brutus Booth was equally as awesome and fascinating and weird and talented as his son Edwin! And the book is excellent. I learned so much about how ridiculously difficult acting was in those days, what with the dangers of travel.

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