On The Best Time I Went Home With Someone I Didn't Realize Was So Young

Having been referred from Alex Pareene's tumblr, I'm just going to assume this story is about him.

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On Breaking Up With: Cheaters, Travel Partners, and the Decrepit

@Sydney C "I just thought it was funny that when someone said something to the effect of, "when someone really likes you, they'll be seen in public with you," you responded with, "That's not always the case- they could be like me and just be worried that you won't impress their friends and family!"

A possibly more generous way of interpreting this is that you think your significant other would impress people if they got to know him, but you're worried your friends or family might write him off based on a quick impression.

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On Breaking Up With: Cheaters, Travel Partners, and the Decrepit

@Clare For what it's worth, I am a LADY~* and I kind of agree with MrComment here. Sometimes I'm wary to introduce a guy I'm dating to friends, not because I have any problems with the guy but because we might seem mismatched to people who don't know him.

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On Taglines for Romantic Comedies That Will Never Exist

@becky@twitter Olive Actually

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On Princess Diana's Totem Pole Guy Killed His Wife With a Totem Pole

"on facebook"

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On Nine Ways to Enjoy Adult Acne

@Tragically Ludicrous US milk has more hormones in it though.

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On Beauty Q&A: Pack and Travel, Pack and Travel

Don't wear skorts in Europe! Or anywhere.

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On Let's Play: Celebrity Baby or Terrorist?

Also, they misspelled "Algernon".

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On Now You Can Play Basketball in Your Sandals

Scroll-down terror

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On What Did Mariah Carey Name Her Babies?

Mo Rocca

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