On Friday Open Thread

@miss buenos aires I watched all the Alien films and the Terminators when I was 5 at a cousins house. Poor child-care management, or most effective child-care management?! I was so terrified and so well behaved for that trip, because what if one of those monsters showed up to get me.

I am 23 now, and still scared of basements, and enclosed dark spaces. Also most bugs.

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On Friday Open Thread

This is not a very big deal or important outside of me, but I'm supposed to be moving (back) to Jerusalem in a week and half, and the consulate in San Francisco is holding my passport hostage, and they have had it for 2 weeks and just called me this morning to ask me to call them back and have a phone interview about my visa: they don't answer their phones on Friday?

So I'm stuck with this sort of untenable situation, where everything needs to just, work, and it isn't at all!

This is for sure my first active contribution to the open feed, so I hate that it's a) stupid and b) my tiny sorrow/frustration. I really wanted to be like this week has been sunshine and sparkles (it totally has been!) but this situation just ate all of the unicorns.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Exquisite Garbo

@laurel they also run an international children's film festival, for all you chicagoland Pinners. I think in October?

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Exquisite Garbo

@Anne Helen Petersen ALSO check out facets.org! It's like netflix, but for classics.

ETA if you want to get into foreign cinemas, check out (additionally) Instituto Cervantes, or Goethe Institut, and/or the consulate of the country whose cinema interests you--IC/GI, being language and culture institutions of Spain and Germany do DVD/VHS rentals, consulates are in the business of sharing arts and cultures. Most college libraries make their media selections accessible to the general public if you watch it in the building at their screening stations.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Exquisite Garbo

@werewolfbarmitzvah This is relevant to my interests!

Growing up I would go the Harvard Exit movie theatre and have staring contests with the giant poster of The Sheikh, aka Valentino, aka Art Spiegelman's father! (Why my parents let me read MAUS ~age 7 is really unclear, but I think the earliest pop culture fact I glommed onto was that everyone thought his dad looked like Rudolph Valentino?)

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On Every Woman Love[d] a Fascist

@Nicole Cliffe PREACH.

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On Baby, Sexy, Bitch

@BadWolf It's like, the Ba'al Shem Tov would have no idea who these goons are, and would probably quite like him a partnership minyan, if he came around today.

Additionally, I was oddly disappointed they didn't do a better job of protesting the Pride Parade this year (it was just 60 Haredim with 3 donkeys, lame!), because then I couldn't make them even more my enemy.

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On Baby, Sexy, Bitch


Also, I am past thinking any of them are really that nice, though. This is too bad because I know that some of the worlds' Chasidische pop. is kind, but after living in Jerusalem and having to feel in general not safe around these people who clearly don't see anyone without peyot or tzanua as being human, I am no longer interested in them and their riot tactics and their street harassment of all kinds and their shame factor.

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On Things More Embarrassing Than a Bird Shitting on Your Head

@Natalie S Bell this is the only way i know how to say this: this was my jam today. really.

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On Things More Embarrassing Than a Bird Shitting on Your Head

@PatatasBravas I have definitely just... stopped the asana so I wouldn't fart. Pavanamuktasana, why are you my enemy?! Never name something passing wind pose!

Because then I would die, just shrivel up and die. So know that you can totally be in the zone and then tactically remove from the zone and then later, in less compromising poses, return to the zone!

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