On Talking Devon Sawa, Blues Radio and Bloody Marys at the Beach with Gaby Hoffmann

@melis I don't want to be the wet blanket, but since I so often am, especially when it comes to movies here you go: don't go into it expecting Sandlot quality. Now and Then is fine...I guess.

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On Six Decades of Harriet the Spy Covers

I had the 1979 version and it was not in great shape. What a great, great book.

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On Get This Look: Sports!

Um, not to be a stickler but the DOLCE & GABBANA football trilby has people playing soccer on it.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@cabot_cove_syndrome Hello! I also lived in Chicago (city, but far Northside) for most of my life and now live in DC. I think all of the reasons you give for loving Chicago are correct. We should be friends.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

I love Chicago so much I tear up when I fly into O'Hare or drive down LSD.

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On "Ohio," Patty Griffin and Robert Plant

Patty Griffin is the best! If you needed some suggestions for what to listen to I really like Making Pies, Forgiveness and, especially appropriate for today's weather in the DC area, Rain. I would link to these vids on YouTube if I knew how, but trust that they are excellent and worth the extra Googling to find.

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On "Ohio," Patty Griffin and Robert Plant

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On Horoscope Is Life

Everybody hating on the Capricorns! It makes me laugh but also how wonder how it became a thing.

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On Lies My Spam Folder Tells Me About Myself

@whizz_dumb I'm so glad other people have this problem! I thought it was because of my online purchasing history or something.

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