On "With the animals dying around us/ our lost feelings we are saying thank you"

Time to go ugly-cry in my car :(

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On Neko Case's Tiny Desk Concert

@yeah-elle I can't listen to that song now without 'bad-da-da-da-da-daaaaing' along, that was such a magical moment out of many magical moments when I saw her play in September. I'm so glad to know that other people have such a weird, emotional connection to her, when I was in my teens and 20s I obsessed over sad men singers but having a strong, hilarious woman to love (with a much better voice than any of those guys, sorry Elliott, it's true)is great, I feel like she's really helped to set me up to be a woman in my 30s and beyond.

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On Let's Play a Little Game Called "Bad Tab, Good Tab"

I'm surprised Prudie doesn't suggest that ladies carry a cute card in their party clutch where they can mark down the amount of drinks they've had throughout the night.
Partying people tend to drink to get drunk, not to black out, but when I started college I had NO fucking idea how little alcohol it took to go from dancy to barfy to passed out-in my day it was much easier as a high schooler to get pot than alcohol and I just hadn't had any experience with drinking-most girls didn't. It's absurd to expect young people to drink responsibly when hot young people have been partying their asses off since the time of Homer.
The only thing that will stop rape culture is serious consequences for the perpetrator. Period.

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On Grandma Witch Brownies: Zucchini, Almond Butter, and Dark Chocolate Chips

I made these last night and they are fucking awesome, even better in the morning with coffee!I used a half banana and an En-R-G Egg Replacer instead of an egg. I would recommend really wringing out the shredded zuke,these turned out a big soggier than I hoped for.

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On Grandma Witch Brownies: Zucchini, Almond Butter, and Dark Chocolate Chips

I told my husband I would make dinner for our Breaking Bad night but I have cramps so it's totally fine to just eat a pan of these with some pink wine and let him get a burrito, right?

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

I'm into needle arts,Dungeons and Dragons,animals and Web-md'ing my hangover symptoms into deadly and exotic diseases.

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On Beauty Q&A: If You See Something, Say Something

@MilesofMountains Have you tried the newer Shalimar,Shalimar Parfum Initial? It's less "middle aged unmarried woman who grabs a gimlet during lunch" sophistication and more "messy hair+red lipstick 30-something who no one she works with knows that she smokes" coolness. In other words, it's really lovely and soft but still quite cool.

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On A Brief History of Domestic Goddesses

@faience I had such a crush on Dominic until they did a "life after Colonial House" episode and it showed him singing, in Church, waving one hand around with his eyes closed :(

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On Nicole's Dessert

A wonderfully honest and articulate article! Is it weird that I am much more comfortable with my woman-ness since I started reading The Hairpin? I feel that it has really helped me to to develop a more individualized feminist identity. And it's also made me feel not so bad about my drinking.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Dude, Where's My Coach?

@dj pomegranate you will have to be very much like A Clean Person in your anality of using it, but waxy leather balms on this color of Coach work magic. I use a product called Otter Wax Leather Salve, you'll see a noticeable darkening right away but do a thorough coating, once it sink it and you buff off the leftover wax, it will literally glow. Vintage Coach bags are made of wonderful leather and really just need some good restorative oils to bring out their beauty and make those scuff marks look like dignified smile lines.

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