On True Wine Connoisseurs

@OhMarie boxed wines are like fabulous giant juiceboxes that get you drunk, and apparently the bota box is recyclable? which means that one could conceivably be wasted and sustainable at the same time? i'm really not sure how anyone could top that.

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On Estate Jewelry: A Cuff, a Spear, and a Window Locket

@SuperGogo dude, branson is an asshole. and a total babe. but still an asshole who treats sybil like she's an infant who doesn't understand ~important~ things (read: not saving lives and healing people, who cares about that) and can't make decisions on her own. but UGH he is still such a hunk.

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On Today in New Madonna and M.I.A. Music Videos

@Pound of Salt well, as a drunk chick, i'm going to ask you to lay off the holier-than-thou manarchist 'tude and shove it, thanks.

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On Person-Looking Cat Could Be Yours!

@parallel-lines man, nothing makes me sadder than jocelyn wildenstein :C but apparently she's gotten corrective surgery done! she looks a lot better now:


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On Die Antwoord's "I Fink You Freeky" Music Video

•☆.•*´¨`*••♥ flawless ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•

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On Miryo, "Dirty"

miryo eonnie eotteokeeee (。♥д♥。)

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On Friday Open Thread

@ReginalTSquirge@twitter re: your last paragraph . . . uh

actually i'm not sure what to say to that

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On Friday Open Thread

if you were looking for an unpaid internship, had an interview scheduled at 9:30AM on a tuesday, and got an email at 9:21 (when you were already at the office) saying that your potential boss was going to have to reschedule, how would you feel about this internship? would you go for it still? would you be wary? would you be pissed? (i was)

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On Friday Open Thread

@phenylalanine he was calling you "dear"? even if you were being confrontational, you had every right to be. what a dick.

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On Friday Open Thread

@alphabiddycity i have a pair of current/elliot boyfriend jeans and a pair of brand jeans my mother bought for me right before i lost, like, 25 pounds. but i am not about to gain all that weight back, so i am left just feeling guilty :c

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