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@somethingobscure I had the kitten dream when I was pregnant! I went to have an ultrasound done, and they were like "well ma'am, you are not actually pregnant, but you do have a cat living inside of you, and the cat is pregnant." So then I gave birth to a kitten, and I tried to carry it around with me as if it was my baby, which it was not into at all, because it was a fucking cat. Then I went to Walmart for some reason and it escaped from my arms and ran away. I also had recurring dreams about having my baby and forgetting to take care of it and leaving it various places, which is funny because my son is three months old now and I regularly forget him downstairs in his bouncy chair thingy. He is a very quiet baby! I am terrible.

Posted on January 10, 2012 at 2:04 am 6