By swamp hag on Friday Open Thread

HI HAIRPIN I've always been too intimidated to comment, especially on FOT, buuuut 3 years ago I was 2 sad 2 grad and dropped out, went back to school this year and am graduating today!

I got started celebrating a little early because when I got home from rehearsal this morning I discovered my water heater had exploded. Obviously the best way to deal with that now that I'm an Adult was to drink that wine in my fridge, I'll be better next week, hi how are ya nice to meet ya

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By Gulfie on "Passion" and the Three Economists

THIS is what the Times should be talking about. Not how narcissistic we are, not how lazy we are, not how entitled we are. How we were raised to believe that if you follow your dreams and do well in school, everything will fall into place. And so many of us worked hard in high school and worked hard in college and realized we don't have dreams, or that we can't figure out what our dreams are because they don't follow the standard doctor/lawyer Ambition Binary. Or we got good grades, and have reasonable aspirations, but we were thrust out into a world where only those with prior experience or a big enough safety net to work internships will get hired. We're living with our parents not because we're lazy, but because the world has no place for us right now.

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By TheBourneApproximation on He Is Not a Fan

Hmm, in lieu of a thoughtful criticism of this article, which I am sure the people above me will provide, can I just offer a "Screw you, you miserable old coot!"?

And a "Screw you The Telegraph" too!

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By OhMarie on "Invisible Spanx for Your Face"

@parallel-lines Yeah dude! I got married when I was 22 (I do not recommend this but it is working for me) and my husband and I are both still college fat--like, eating buffets for every meal and drinking beer all of the time style. He's lost 80 pounds since then.

And you know what? It was a great fucking day. I love the pictures and who cares if they're not our best.

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By Emby on "Invisible Spanx for Your Face"

“The groom is really the new bride,” said the restaurateur Penny Glazier

Oh just go to fucking hell, you and your cliches.

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By werewolfbarmitzvah on Drinking Vinegar

@werewolfbarmitzvah (I AM ALSO 500 YEARS OLD.)

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By SarahP on Anne-Marie Slaughter on Family and Career, and Actually Having Both

@ba-na-nas You mean you can be close to your family without expensive extended trips to foreign countries?!

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By Decca on Five Scarring Horror Movies I Watched at Slumber Parties

I watched Interview with the Vampire at a sleepover when I was about ten and one of the older girls told me it was a documentary. I believed her. (I had never heard of nor seen Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt before) This was extremely upsetting.

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By Xanthophyllippa on Their Mouths Were Throwing Up on Their Party Clothes

@S. Elizabeth Geez. They don't even know that it's like 10000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

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By kgg on What Old Book Do I Read If...

Also, if you think you might like some madcap antics with your lavish settings (and a flawed but fabulous hero), the Jeeves series by P.G. Wodehouse provides pre-WWI British aristocracy in palatial country-house settings. Hilarity ensues.

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