On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant I will talk table-top gaming!

For me, D&D is precisely for when I don't want to be any more mature than I was in high school, and so I won't play anything other than 2nd edition. The 30something dorks I know all refuse to play 3rd edition, but I'm not sure that actually means anything about which is more fun.
Essential gear - index cards (for managing inventory, clues, etc.), pencils with erasers, and lots and lots of dice. Oh, and Tapatio Doritos.

Tips? Someone in the party has to be the one to go along with what the DM obviously intends for you to do. If *everyone* in the party is off being whimsical or evil or drunk or holy to the detriment of plot, the game is really unsatisfying. On the other hand, if everyone is grimly marching through the pre-ordained plot, it's not fun. I always try to suss out what a particular campaign needs and go with that. (With the assholes I play with, I'm always the voice of reason.)

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On What Were the Names of Your High School Tribes?

I was also part of the sexually active band geeks. We were the exact intersection of nerds and stoners.

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On Get This Look: The Sunday Comics

For the true existential dread that is Garfield:


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On Friday Open Thread

@Gulf of Finland

OMG, between Philly and Wilmington?!??! That's my home!

Things to explore:

*Longwood Gardens is really, really beautiful and soothing. I try to go every single time I visit my folks. If you don't know anyone in town yet, it's a place you can feel comfortable on your own.

*Capriotti's subs - The Bobbie is amazing but non-traditional; my sentimental favorite is turkey with hot AND sweet peppers. The peppers are everything. (They have branches in California now, but they're not as good - the hometown flavor really is different.)

*Blue Rocks minor league ball in Wilmington - I'm not at all a sports person, but there is something so charming about minor league baseball, with the free giveaways and the kids running dizzy bat races and the fireworks. If you've got a job and you're trying to make friends, maybe organize an outing with coworkers? It's so wholesome that you can't possibly go wrong there with your boss.

*Rita's Italian Water Ice is a local tradition and exactly what you need when you're all sweaty and wrung out from moving.

*St. Anthony's Italian Festival happens every year in June. It's all amazing cannoli and carnival rides and skeeball. Perfect date night.

Enjoy! I miss it.

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On A Very American Open Thread

@smidge This article is great:

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On A Very American Open Thread

@nowwhat This company is awesome: http://www.upack.com/

And get rid of EVERYTHING you don't adore.

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On The Toast Is Ready

KATE HARDING! Y'all got Kate Harding!

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On Ask a Glutton: Your Perfect Dinner Party

@PatatasBravas I just made this Barbecue Chicken, and it's a perfect slow cooker summer time food. Tasty cold for lunch, and super easy.

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On Everything I Know About Fertility I Learned From the Year 1670

For anyone who DOES want to get knocked up: Twenge's book _The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant_ is awesome. It's really short, really informative, and not too cutesy.

(It is not, however, terribly useful for lesbians or anyone else trying to conceive without repeated dude-lady boning.)

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On The Lykovs of the Siberian Taiga, Continued: Visiting Agafia

@Lu2 Me too!

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