On A Visit to a Ghost Town: Whittier, AK (Pop. 223)

Alaska is beautiful! Cordova, Homer, Whittier, Valdez -- all absolutely picturesque and I can't wait to come back as a tourist. I spent summers "helping" my parents on their commercial fishing boat and really loved those loooooong days where you stayed up way later than any rational person would. Lovely state, everyone should go.

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On Fiona Apple, "Hot Knife"

@Kimmp Her albums are never boring, always does her own thing & does it very, very well. Great song & video.

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On Friday Open Thread

@drydenlane I know someone at Portland Habilitation Center NW. Their FB page has a bunch of open positions they're trying to help companies fill...

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On Manly Me

@Hot Doom I give this the heartiest of thumbs up. Bougie AND badass!

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On Friday Open Thread

@childfree I met my dude on CL (after about a million years of emails back and forth, cause CL...scary), we talked about the kids question on our first date. It's weird, most of my friends at the time had kids, I had come from a big family, but never really thought about myself wearing mom jeans. He was the one who brought it up, I thought about it for a split second, and said no. He said GREAT! and we've been happy ever since. We are cat parents however, so that's something I s'ppose?

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On Friday Open Thread

@lobsterhug Ground Kontrol is a good time if you enjoy beer and what seems like thousands of arcade games lined up all over the place. They have so freakin many. And DJs!

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On The Lykovs of the Siberian Taiga

@redfox That wasn't lost on me at all. I have relatives that died in gulags. I feel sorry for the Lyskovs, but their dad was infinitely awful for keeping them there. For so long. To die.

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On The Lykovs of the Siberian Taiga

Karp was a total crazy person for isolating his family in that manner! I'm an Old Believer (was, I guess) from Oregon and believe me when I say that I have FEELINGS about this story. Poor Akulina dying of starvation, and all the rest...all of the unnecessary deaths! Ugh, ugh, ugh! Now all I want to do is scoop up Agafia and take her home!

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On I Dream of Britney

@Probs ...Or RoRo? That was the best!

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LEDs in the mouth are hilarious!

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