On "With the animals dying around us/ our lost feelings we are saying thank you"

i think a ghost just punched me in the stomach.

(i did not know this poem and now love it tho)

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On "You can’t love roses. You can only love a rose": The Anti-Abstraction of The Little Prince

I began to think of it on the occasion of Marquez passing, but it's really amazing how few books that you love when you are 16-20 hold up, or that you can still love without being slightly embarrassed by (if only for the cultural connotations - I still adore Gatsby, but can't stand to talk about it these days)

What is that list like? I think for me, It's "100 Years of Solitude", "The Little Prince", "Jane Eyre", and "Great Expectations".

(I'm leaving out childrens books, which, wow, the list there is remarkable. Seuss, Silverstein, Milne, "Wind in the Willows", "Harold & The Purple Crayon", Sendak, "Goodnight Moon", "Alexander & The Terrible, Horrible etc", Dahle, Carle, etc - what does it say about us that the things we love when we are so small are so worthy of life when we are big, yet the things we begin to love after each 8 or so almost invariably fall out of their position of affection?)

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On Friday Open Thread

@rathermarvelous I did not know this was happening on account of not using the facebook. Should I be stopping by?

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On Push Related to Shove

<----- 'bout dat life.

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On Push Related to Shove

<----- 'bout dat life.

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On Push Related to Shove

<----- 'bout dat life.

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On A Curated Selection of Wonderfully Gruesome Sentences from Wikipedia

@realizedniche my favorite of all of the "List of Ununsual Deaths" is a story I learned in undergrad, Chrysippus, a Stoic Philosopher in classical Greece:

"...he was watching a donkey eat some figs and cried out: "Now give the donkey a drink of pure wine to wash down the figs", whereupon he died in a fit of laughter."

As a person who loves philosophy, figs, goats, and wine, this is my favorite thing ever.

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On Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

I'm so excited to have this show back. For 9 months my friends have been talking about how GoT is so much better, and I got into that, and they had me fooled into agreeing.

I watched GoT last night, and was like "Eh, slog through the final season of Mad Men" - then it started, and I instantly remembered why I love the act of watching this show more than any other.

The close especially blew me away. I think sometimes I get too caught up in "What might MM be trying to say?" instead of just enjoying it as a thing that just is.

But Don, sitting alone in the cold, trying to get right, hating himself - my flaws in life are a different set than his, but seeing him miserable, alone, sitting in the cold by himself - I actually felt oddly jealous. That moment at the end seemed less to me like the suicidal gesture some people took it as and more as the self-flagellation some of us need to force ourselves through if we are ever going to 'act right'.

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On Miguel ft. Wale, "Bennie and the Jets" (Elton John Cover)

Miguel + Elton John Cover....fucking hell, sometimes I feel like the internet was made JUST FOR ME.

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On Chicken From Hell!!!!! Now Known as "Anzu Wyliei"

@stonefruit you have no idea how much my gay aunt just enjoyed receiving that joke via text message.

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