On Let's Hold Hands and Talk About the True Detective Finale

Please, please let this be an active comment thread. I have thoughts, but would like to listen to ladies before a straight white guy starts offering up opinions on shows where straight white guys do a bunch of hero-ing.

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On True Detective Rantings

@Edith Zimmerman ugh I was really hoping "Adult Games" were games where you got to simulate paying bills and figuring out whether to "To:" or "BCC:" your friends on email invites and was SORELY disappointed.

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On False Dichotomy vs Who Cares

Enjoyed the essay. I'm one of those like, dudes who played a couple years of college hoops in DII but then realized he wasn't gonna cut it so had to focus on my actual degree, and now is a middle-manager but still obsesses over Big East recruiting, but for writers, not basketball....

...and I really get so bummed out at some of this shit. I guess cuz NYC is my 'home conference' I end up getting to see the worst of it as much as (what I, i'm sure erroneously cuz I'm a giant homer) assume is the best, and, well. I really have nothing to add at all to the conversation other than saying I really love hearing a voice that's trying to stay above the "this" vs "that", and thanks.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant ageed 100% w/ this.

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On Friday Open Thread


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On The Allies Pie

100% YUP this pie is right.

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On Ask Us Anything

@Danzig! If it's going to be stuck in my head all day, you might as well have to deal with it too

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On Wikipedia Lists of Women, Ranked

@stuffisthings fictional nurses are Ratched.

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On A Monday Playlist


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On A Monday Playlist


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