On Friday Open Thread

@RNL That was really helpful. I think I'm putting to much expectations on dating to find The Love of My Life when I could just be having fun with the nice guy who likes me. I just don't want to be that asshole who uses someone or leads them on. But you're right, when I know, I'll know.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter I've gone out with people before that I REALLY liked right off the bat, which then I of course immediately screwed up, and don't think I've found a way to not get all weird around people I really like. I've heard of people knowing immediately that the person they've started dating were The One, but likewise, I've also heard stories about people not feeling each other to begin with and then falling in love.

I'm 26, but I've never been in a relationship before, which I guess is a part of the reason why I can't really figure this out. He definitely seems to be into me, and I feel a little guilty because he's a nice guy and seems to be looking for a relationship (which I had assumed I was, too), and I don't like the idea of stringing him along, should it get to the point where I'm just not feeling it at all anymore. Three months seems like a long time for a point of reevaluation, but I probably wouldn't be dating anyone else during that time anyway.

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On Friday Open Thread

@victorian rose But why? If nothing is necessarily wrong, maybe I just have to get to know him better to get the smushy feelings.

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On Friday Open Thread

Okay, so, I'm going to try to put this as simply as possible:

How many dates does it take after meeting someone for the first time to decide if you like them? If it's not stars-in-my-eyes awesome but he's nice and is relatively enjoyable to be around and making out is fun, is it bad for me to keep going on dates?

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On A Found Poem from Nancy Jo Sales' Vanity Fair Piece About Teens

If a guy doesn't, like, stalk you back,
then you're gonna feel rejected.

That line, out of all of this, is hitting closest to home.

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On What's the Best Song to Have Sex To?

Brb, immediately putting "nice ol' dickhole" somewhere on my OkCupid profile.

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On What's the Worst Song to Have Sex To?

One time, I was having some "alone time" with the radio on in the background, and Bette Midler's "From A Distance" came on.

I can't finish with her shouting "GOD IS WATCHING US!" at me.

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On Ask a Glutton: When Your Food Groups Are Cheese, Chocolate, and Coffee

Well, now I'm starving.

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On Friday Open Thread

For anyone still following this thread:

He has porn-addiction induced erectile dysfunction. FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY. PUN INTENDED.


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On Friday Open Thread

@capturethecastle I've been on about 15 first dates in the past year, about half of which have been on the pretty-bad side, three leaning towards god-awful and about as close to sexual assault as you can get without it actually being so, and absolutely zero out of 15 got past 3 dates.

I'm getting increasingly frustrated, don't mind me.

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