On The Hoarders Pie

@fabel I wear all the holey, stained underwear all of the time. Its the pretty stuff than never gets worn - mostly because its all nylon and who needs avoidable yeast infections?

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On The Hairpin Travel Series, Part Two: "An Escape From Untenable Circumstances"

@NotMandatory there is a trick. change your address to a USA one and you can buy it! you change your address back again afterwards

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On I Don't Care, I Can't Stop, and I Love It: Miley Cyrus and Ironic Decadence

Hey, I know I am probably too late to the thread for this, but can anyone point me to some good (preferably on-line)reading on cultural appropriation? As an individual, I like to think that I have the freedom to disregard / abandon the pieces of my own culture that don't work for me, and to adopt the bits of human wisdom (from wherever it has developed) that are useful, worthwhile etc. Also, living as a white person in a place where white people are the minority, I've had loads of positive feedback on adopting some elements of local style etc. I respect this community (<3Hairpin <3)so much and there is a definitely consensus here that 'appropriation' is bad, so I'd really like to understand this concept better

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On A Very American Open Thread

@RK Fire I am cursing the Hairpin for introducing me to this. And even worse, for telling me how to cheat my turning the time on my phone forward. Now I am playing level 70something 3 days in the future. Compulsively.

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On A Very American Open Thread

@Hot Doom SSSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just started, only watched the first episode so far, but loved it. Especially the music! Mogwai!

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On A Very American Open Thread

@dtowngirl I too have a ... problematic... boss. I got some really great advice from someone. When he is unreasonable, hypocritical, hyper-critical (etc etc), try to change your reaction from anger to curiosity. From "how dare you bastard" to "that's interesting". Its kind of working for me, and makes me feel like the superior person instead of the besieged one. Plus I enjoy feeling that bit of condescension towards someone who earns approx 4 times my salary.

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On "Women Behave in Ways They Find Sanctioned in Stories Written by Men"

another take on the MPDG: http://asherwolf.net/on-myths-of-glamor-and-faerytale-archetypes-of-female-form/350/

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On The Spinsterhood Pie

@Nelipot 100%. As to decorating decisions, I pay for everything so I buy exactly what I like, no consultation required.

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheLetterL I know I'm late to the thread! If you see this - coconut oil cleansing has totally changed my red, inflamed, flaky but oily skin! I still have visible pores and scarring, but for sensitivity, much much better since I switched

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On And the World's Top 10 New Species Are...

@fondue with cheddar I live in South Africa. Our most common monkey (the vervet) (so common that they break into my house and steal whatever bread / fruit etc is on the kitchen counters at least once a month) has bright blue balls.

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