On Two People Feel Like They've Got the Answer Where Kids & Dogs Are Concerned

What if I treat my dog like a child? Does the internet explode?

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On "Wichita Lineman," Glen Campbell

OMG, I love this post, normally it's just me singing Glen Campbell to myself or my boyfriend and everyone looking at me like a crazy person. My boyfriend does an amazing version of "everyday housewife" with dance moves.

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On What Do You Wear Around the House?

@Emby My downstairs neighbor got a date cause he walks around his apartment naked. He is on the first floor, but you can't see him from the street level, however if you live across the street on the 4th floor you get a show. The woman ran into him on the street and mentioned that she could see him cooking naked, and somehow they ended up going out.

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On Three Deviled Eggs

In one of the Sweet Potato Queen books, she has a passage about how you know someone loves you if they make you deviled eggs. So true.

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On First Loves, Breakup Guilt, and Rainbows Painted With Watercolors

Thank you for your answer to LW1. I just found out today that my ex is engaged, and a ton of my friends are either preggo or playing with their new babies. Reading that was exactly what I needed. Well that and margarita in my hand. Thank you, it just made my day so much better and put my head in the right place.

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On American History Cake

@The Lady of Shalott
Smith Island Cake is the best cake. My mom got me a 9" cake for my birthday and my boyfriend had some funny idea I was going to share with him. Fool. Anyhow she got it from here http://www.smithislandbakingco.com/

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On Finance 101: Shoebox Savings and Baby Bonds

@redheadedandcrazy I am a rabid ING fan as well, but fair warning for all of the USA customers (me included) that Capital One has a bid to buy ING Direct USA.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: Crowdsourced Edition

Lord and Taylor has Merino Wool Sweaters on sale for $29.99

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