On Ask a Person Who Just Read the Hotel Corpse Water Story

Look, this was a real girl, with real friends and acquaintances, SOME OF WHICH PROBABLY READ THIS BLOG AND IT'S AFFILIATES. This is in really poor taste. It wasn't an episode of CSI, it was something that happened to a real person and maybe y'all could be a little less flippant. I don't seem to recall any respectful posts about this, and maybe it's just because of the mental illness thing but I don't really find it hilarious or fun to speculate on how a young girl died.

Time to get off the internet, obviously.

Posted on February 21, 2013 at 3:32 pm 3

On Selective Empathy and "An Outlet for Maternal Feelings"

@LolaMoco (losing my comment virginity!) I feel so strongly about this, my parents broke up when I was 3 and it was probably the best decision they could have made for both themselves and me, from my experiences and those of my friends it is really clear that what fucks you up far more is your parents struggling and fighting and making your household miserable. I enjoyed having two houses and I have a really good relationship with both parents now, which was probably an unexpected bonus of the divorce because I experienced them both on their own as people instead of as part of a parental "team". It will get better! I promise! Children are endlessly forgiving and understanding (as long as they don't get pulled into your fights)

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