On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@The Lady of Shalott @The Lady of Shalott It's funny - I read the book many, many times before I saw the movie, and while I always had a little pang when Jo turns Laurie down, I still had no problem with him marrying Amy. Or Amy in general, once she grew up. HOWEVER, I think that the one major flaw in the otherwise absolutely perfect Winona Ryder version of the movie is that they do a huge disservice to a) grown up Amy and b) Amy and Laurie's romance. As much as I love Christian Bale, I LOATHE that damn "I knew I was meant to be part of the March family" scene under that stupid (and absolutely beautiful) tree. Way to take a tiny part of that story and blow it waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of context, screenwriters.

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On If '90s Dude-Crushes Were Food

@NeverOddOrEven He's on Nikita now. He grew up *nice.*

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On Name That Book!

@Madeline Shoes Oooh! Oooh! The Doll in the Garden? (@HeyThatsMyBike same author as Wait Til Helen Comes, Mary Downing Hahn. That book scared the *shit* out of me.)

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On Name That Book!

@JessicaLovejoy Good thought, but no luck. :-(

@Madeline Shoes No, they were doll-sized dolls, but that one sounds cool!

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On Name That Book!

Okay, I have a slightly different problem: I remember the title and plot very clearly, but don't know the author and interwebs searches turn up NOTHING. (How is the possible?) Did anyone else read The Piccolinis? About a family of dolls who used to travel with a circus? And then somehow the dollhouse ends up with this new family, and they have to rescue a ballerina doll from a house where the woman she was modeled after was kept from running away with her fiance (who was in the circus)? I'm not making this up, and NOWHERE on the internet does this book exist. There was a sequel, too.

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On Last Night's 'Downton'

@Nicole Cliffe I KNOW. I was mostly stuck in "horrified" as my main reaction, and then the servants were crying and I started to get teary and then Thomas broke down and I was gone. And then Cora with her "my baby, my beauty" speech and...yeah. It was bad. Sybil wasn't even one of my favorites!

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On Yule Log It!

@iceberg They are gorgeous, but was I the only one surprise that they didn't look like logs? I haven't taken French in a *really* long time, but isn't "buche de noel" "yule log" or "log of Christmas" or something? Someone French please explain this to me. They're gorgeous! And I'm sure delicious! I'm just confused. :-P

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On Yule Log It!

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On Yule Log It!

@VDRE I did this too! Middle school through high school. At one point I was making two at a time, for my brother's class as well. We didn't get extra credit, I just liked making them. :-P

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On Things I've Replaced With Olive or Jojoba Oil

@hollerithcircus I use one per every few days/week depending on how often I do the cold cream approach to washing my face as opposed to the face-wash-in-the-shower approach (which does not require a washcloth). I only wash my face once a day, so it has plenty of time to dry out between uses - I just hang it over the shower curtain rod so it gets a chance to dry out.

(Also, I'm not sure how I made it to adulthood either.)

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