On If They Can't Dance, They Can't Kiss!

whoa, whoa, whoa. Doc Martens are super comfortable what is this nonsense??!!! (may have missed the point)

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On 917 People Who Are Hotter Than Benedict Cumberbatch

And seriously wtf is up with people who order pizza "well done." It's not a steak! And if it were you'd be ruining it, ordering it like that.

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On 917 People Who Are Hotter Than Benedict Cumberbatch

I hope this is not an ordered list, because if it is I have a bone to pick about ranking Niall Horan not only as more attractive than any other member of One Direction, but above other humans in general. He can be above Benedict Cumberbatch I guess. I don't have a dog in that fight.

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On Which of the "Three Personality Regions" in America Fits You Best?

It tells me that I belong in the Relaxed and Creative state of California, which is quite possible the polar opposite of how I would describe myself. Where is the state/region for the High-Strung and Artistically-Challenged????

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On A Girl and a Good Wife

Only tangentially related, but I've spotted Alex Karpovsky roaming around Williamsburg too! He's famous enough to look familar, but not famous enough for me to instantly recognize him, so I was peering at him curiously thinking like, "do I know you from college or from high school??" And as it dawned on me, he gave me a look like "ugh shut up I am SO sick of this." /end "the best time I ever saw a moderately famous person in New York"

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On Another Argument for Banning Greek Life

I just want to throw it out there that the greek system at my school (in the Northeast) actively tries very hard to recruit people from all backgrounds on both the university and chapter level. Several sororities actually broke from nationals for a while in the 70s so they could have black women and Jewish women as members. I'm the first to admit that the system has many, many problems, and that I have mixed feelings about having been part of it, but this system is not representative of all college greek systems.

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On Are You Part of the 16% of People Who Can't Look at This Without Screaming?

@Lizzy@twitter I don't get it either. It's just a plant thing? IDK.

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On Friday Open Thread

@ellochka before you answer any questions from opposing counsel, make sure you pause a beat or two to make sure your patient's attorney has time to object to the question if (s)he needs to. Once you answer, you've answered (even if it is stricken from the record everyone still heard you say it).

I'm sure you'll be told this at the court, but make sure you answer questions verbally, instead of shaking your head or nodding it-- the court reporter has to record your answer. Try to avoid saying things like, "uh-huh" in response to questions too, because they can be ambiguous in the transcript (although the lawyer should confirm the meaning of your answer anyway). Like @milominderbender mentioned, the attorney should be more than willing (and may even request) to give you some coaching too, especially since you've never done this before.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Roxanne Rholes my dad is the BEST for these. "Why don't you just ask that girl in your phone? You know, Syria." Last year he and my mom and their couple friends accidentally got caught up in SantaCon 2011, and one of the Santas semi-successfully explained the concept of twitter to him (ie: that someone was tweeting where to congregate). Now every form of communication is: "can't you just twitter at them?"

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On Behold Our Ancient Rat Queen


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