On Facts About Wheel of Fortune, With Unverified Explanations

This was HILARIOUS. I hardly ever have a hard time not laughing at things I read online at work, but I was doubled over, clutching my mouse for support, silently shaking. Thank you.

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On When to Touch a Painting*

I am very, very glad you touched it.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Cary Grant's Intimate Bromance

This was wonderful - thank you.

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On Please Explain Scaring Yourself?

I like to live vicariously through horror films.

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On How to Lose Friends

Sometimes I think the NYT is just trying to see how pissed off they can make their readers.

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On Friends, "I'm His Girl"

hey, i really like this. thanks!

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On Leave Johnny Depp Alone

@glitterary "OTHER PEOPLE DO THEY EXIST" = hard to not guffaw at my desk. ♥ ♥ ♥

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On How Do They Put Down and Take Off the Yellow Line So Quickly?

Best line: "My best girlfriend from college..."

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On Sleep Habits, Finding a Therapist, and Men Who "Make an Effort"

LW2: i also dislike sleeping accompanied. i am a light sleeper and a short sleeper. my husband is a heavy sleeper and a long sleeper. he likes it silent and pitch dark. i like it noisy and like to see the dawn. i also simply don't like sleeping with someone else and i think that's reason enough. sleep is a very personal, private thing for some people and that's fine and doesn't need to be fixed or changed.
we have an old house with his and her bedrooms, linked by a closet. this works great for us and we both sleep very well. i usually hang out in his bed before we go to sleep, and work on a crossword, read, etc. or we chat or watch something on netflix. when we first started dating, i tried to sleep in the same bed as him and just was never well rested. i explained that i could sleep with him and be constantly grumpy, or sleep alone and be (constantly?) cheerful. after some adjustment, he came to prefer to sleep alone and says he's better rested. sometimes friends and family who stay with us look askance at our rooms, but that's ok with us. we're well rested and can just let it slide, cheerfully, off our backs.

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On Another Way for Your Sunday Crossword to Last All Week

@becky@twitter this girl does a really nice job: http://www.ebeautyblog.com/2011/06/cool-newspaper-print-nail-art-tutorial.html

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