On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

@kkent4950 YES! This thread actually made me remember the Magic Attic Club and I got really excited! I never had the dolls (I was not a doll person) but I LOVED the books. Like, I had almost all of them and I really, really regret getting rid of them because I grew up and would never read them again or whatever.

In related news, I planned to go to Goodwill tomorrow and now Magic Attic Club books will be on my list of things I hope to find.

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On … Or Any "-Ism," for That Matter

@Lucienne All these former Wiccans! I feel like a lot of people I know who are 20-something-ish now went through that one. I had a makeshift altar in my room and would go meditate in the woods, presumably while my mother gnashed her teeth and tore her hair out. Such a rebel. I actually still have a blank leather notebook that was going to be my Book of Shadows or whatever that I didn't use.

@LolaLaBalc I lol'd at your inner Republican alien. So good and so bad!

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On … Or Any "-Ism," for That Matter

Though I'd consider myself VERY liberal now, when I was a teenager I was very conservative. Like, I have vivid memories of telling my mom (who would later, by the way, remarry) that I thought people who had premarital sex and people who remarried (as in did it with more than one person) were going to Hell. Not sure where this came from. Other than being very conservative about sex stuff, my family was always pretty liberal. I'm pretty sure I hated abortion, thought of rape in terms of being the victim's fault, etc. as well. Strangely, I feel like a lot of people say they were like this as teens. I think sometimes it's easier to explain the shitty stuff that happens in life (like, for instance, rape) by seeing everything in very black-and-white terms. You can feel protected when you believe that what happens to you in life is within your control and that you can stop yourself from getting hurt when really you can't.

And of course, I believe none of those things now, thank God.

I also went through a Wiccan phase, half to piss off my Jewish mother, half because I thought it was really cool. I wish I'd kept the ridiculous amount of Wicca books I bought at around age 14 because they were really interesting.

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On Idle Friends, Gawky Roommates, and the Nap Dream

Napgasms! Like someone was saying above, for me, sexy dream doesn't always equal napgasm, but there have been a few times I remember where I've basically woken up like WHOA and those times were AWESOME. Sometimes sexy dreams suck, though, because you don't really get to choose when you wake up and sometimes for me the dreams are just the slightest bit lucid, so it's all "oh man, I really want to bone this person, I'd better not wake up" and then womp womp.

Funnily enough, I have discussed these napgasms (I never have them in actual naps, always during real sleep) with my fiancee and (this may be TMI) he has never had a wet dream. But I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER in the film our whole class had to watch in 5th grade about "the pituitary gland" (aka puberty), there was a whole segment about how guys totally get wet dreams during puberty and this boy had a wet dream and then decided that "oh man, this is embarrassing and mom can never find out so I'm going to cover my jizz stain in ketchup and mustard and this will TOTALLY SOLVE MY PROBLEM" as if mom would be just like "oh that son of mine, always eating hamburgers in bed!" Basically, I was just really disappointed to learn that I'd been lied to and not ever dude has wet dreams.

The end!

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