On Beverages I Have Loved

@MandyMcAwesome thirded. this site was my lifeblood for almost 4 years? maybe i just liked the writing edith & nicole did better? maybe i'm just older now? maybe some combination? but now its the toast that usually hits me hardest. i know you guys are trying so hard, but this place used to be unabashedly smart and gross and queer-er and i miss that a lot. we are veering too hard into jezebel here.

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On A Review of a Sexy Naughty Sex Film

monica, you rule. hashtag free the dogs. you make it feel like the old hairpin days! thank you!

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On A Partial List of Known Aphrodisiacs & Anti-Aphrodisiacs


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On The Best Time I Wrote Orlando Bloom Fan Fiction

this is the funniest & truest thing i have read in ages. THANK YOU SCAACHI.

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On Love Your Neighbor: An Interview with Goldie Goldbloom

this is really important and wonderful. i feel i moved away from my (modern) orthodox community for many of these reasons and it still hurts, and i'm still not truly out anyway. sort of a stuck in between. going to look at "frum gay girl" and read more about you two and think. thank you.

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On A Brief History of Cursing

this is straight from/to my own heart, completely. marry me, please.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: Is a Man Ever Worth Fighting For?

this is extremely true and very real- i am living it now. there have been many times i've asked this question, and looking back, i wish i'd chosen water over air every time. i'd be such a strong swimmer!

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On Dude Text Decoded

I know you mean well, dude, but, come on. "Reading Between the Texts" on old Hairpin (uh oh, sorry, guys), was better, funnier, etc. Maybe read it? Link to it? Remember days of yore?

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On The Best Time I Worked As a Cruise Ship Comedian

carley, i am in love with this & you. less to snorting laughing at work/library. i'm somehow less afraid to return to chicago, knowing you are "based" in it. thaaanks!

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On My Struggle Bingo

is it wrong that i feel 1000x satisfied for being pretty sure these things were inevitably most of the book based on the title alone? i feel pretty satisfied.
extra so because when my soon to be ex boyfriend said he wanted to read this i basically argued it would be all of these things and he still went on to read and relate to it and now that we're broken up i can see i really dodged a bullet there.

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