On 32 Feelings & Then Some: An Inquiry into the Non-Legacy of Ani DiFranco

yeah, oh boy, i'm covered in goosebumps & maybe gonna cry, in the library, hearing this http://youtu.be/DBJmyrx26Gc

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On 32 Feelings & Then Some: An Inquiry into the Non-Legacy of Ani DiFranco

man this hits hard. i do think the greater number of outspoken queer musicians around these days does have a lot to do with it! (also that righteous retreat thing-- some sort of disconnect on her part manifesting there). maybe even just the broader acceptance of queerness is a part of her aging out though. when i listened to her in college (and secretly in high school) it was this key mode of self-identification (like watching the L word). It drew us homos together, made me feel a part of things before i could really be part of a queer community. i mean, i also just liked her. but i'm afraid listening to her now will punch me too hard in the chest. let's find out!

(broad city abbi shouting "i'm not a mom!" comes to mind here)

thanks, you guys.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Get Over A Terrible Boss?

this is truth applicable to pretty much everything. thank you, baba!

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On Holy Mountain Of Nachos

this is one of my favorite features on here. i love you/them so goddamnmuch. could this be a weekly thing? to which i could subscribe? i need it.

big (hungry) love & thanks!

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On "Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"

also, bought dumb beautiful expensive scotch & carton of cigarettes (despite not being a regular smoker & obviously they are things that slowly murder you) at duty free because it felt right? it felt right.

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On "Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"

oh man, i think about this all the time! but specifically on the expensive sunglasses/cheap whatever(jewelry, I guess? I don't care about jewelry) end of things, because because every time I put them on, no matter how hungover/dirtbag/weepy I feel, I feel like a badass Bob Dylan version of myself. I actually think about this every time I put them on. Also a nice watch is important.
With you on the eyeliner/mascara thing too (I love this one: http://www.urbandecay.com/ink-for-eyes-waterproof-precision-eye-pen-by-urban-decay/424.html), and the lipstick.

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On Beverages I Have Loved

@MandyMcAwesome thirded. this site was my lifeblood for almost 4 years? maybe i just liked the writing edith & nicole did better? maybe i'm just older now? maybe some combination? but now its the toast that usually hits me hardest. i know you guys are trying so hard, but this place used to be unabashedly smart and gross and queer-er and i miss that a lot. we are veering too hard into jezebel here.

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On A Review of a Sexy Naughty Sex Film

monica, you rule. hashtag free the dogs. you make it feel like the old hairpin days! thank you!

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On A Partial List of Known Aphrodisiacs & Anti-Aphrodisiacs


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On The Best Time I Wrote Orlando Bloom Fan Fiction

this is the funniest & truest thing i have read in ages. THANK YOU SCAACHI.

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