Hey grl.

On Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

@Decca Oh MOST DEF. she does.

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On The Blair Witch/Donner Party/Event Horizon Russian Skiing Trip

This site provides a logical explanation of what might have happened:

Although I prefer the creepy version myself!

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On The Best Comment on the Paris Review Piece About How Existentially Destructive Harvard Is.

"...class in America is pretty fluid..."

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On Websites One Letter Off From "Facebook"

Just don't accidently type "FaceNook" while you are at work. I'm warning you!

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On What I Actually Wore

@hotdog Love it!

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On Curve Appeal

I feel less like a freak of nature for being 5'2 with D cups now. Thanks for posting this :)

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On The Pros and Cons: Online Dating

@shantasybaby Haha! I felt totally weird about telling people we met online in the beginning. But pretty much everyone I know who is single is doing the online dating thing right now so I feel less weird about it.

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On The Pros and Cons: Online Dating

I joined OKCupid because I moved to Chicago, where I didn't really know anyone. It seemed like a good way to meet new people and to take baby steps back into the dating world after the demise of a long term relationship.
I met a handful of total weirdos, a couple good friends, and my future husband- We're getting married in October!

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On Gym-Going for the Awkward Woman

@josiah Chicago meetup yes please!

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On Gym-Going for the Awkward Woman

@wallsdonotfall Fellow Lincoln Square resident here! I used to be a member of Women's Workout World and I would advise you to stay away! The music they play is so loud and awful and impossible to drown out even with my ipod turned up all the way. Also, it is super crowded in the evenings and hard to get a machine. Also, locker rooms=yuck. Unfortunately no Xport around these parts. I'm looking for a new gym myself.

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