Hey grl.

On Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin's New Contributing Editor

I like you already!

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On Wikipedia Entries to Read in the Dark

@Decca Oh MOST DEF. she does.

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On The Blair Witch/Donner Party/Event Horizon Russian Skiing Trip

This site provides a logical explanation of what might have happened:

Although I prefer the creepy version myself!

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On The Best Comment on the Paris Review Piece About How Existentially Destructive Harvard Is.

"...class in America is pretty fluid..."

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On Websites One Letter Off From "Facebook"

Just don't accidently type "FaceNook" while you are at work. I'm warning you!

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On What I Actually Wore

@hotdog Love it!

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On Curve Appeal

I feel less like a freak of nature for being 5'2 with D cups now. Thanks for posting this :)

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On The Pros and Cons: Online Dating

@shantasybaby Haha! I felt totally weird about telling people we met online in the beginning. But pretty much everyone I know who is single is doing the online dating thing right now so I feel less weird about it.

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On The Pros and Cons: Online Dating

I joined OKCupid because I moved to Chicago, where I didn't really know anyone. It seemed like a good way to meet new people and to take baby steps back into the dating world after the demise of a long term relationship.
I met a handful of total weirdos, a couple good friends, and my future husband- We're getting married in October!

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On Gym-Going for the Awkward Woman

@josiah Chicago meetup yes please!

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