On Where (My) Girls At?

@klaus You *almost* got what I was trying to say, but not quite. Thanks for your thoughtful response though.

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On Where (My) Girls At?

I understand, but I don't agree. If I were to watch a show that so perfectly represented every culture, race, and religion, it would seem so forced deliberate that it would take away from any good intention it was going for. You can't have a show that's about everyone in the world. It would be like watching Mad Men and thinking "there are no interior designers or veterinarians ANYWHERE in this show!" Because the show isn't about interior designers or veterinarians, it's about ad men. MEN. Which is infuriating to think about, a show all about white, wealthy men who cheat on their spouses. But Mad Men is the most popular show on TV. It's just a show. And Girls is just another one.

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On Actually Ask a Nurse

I would like to know about various kinds of pills/herbs/whatevers to help maintain maximum thumbs up vaginal flora slash fauna.

ps. OMG HAI!

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On How's It Going?

I would absolutely love to read more helpful, and extremely well-written articles by Lola McClure. She's the best!

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On The Best of the Best Music of 2011

@Edith Zimmerman Testify! Her pre-Austra solo stuff is even better.

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