On Friday Open Thread

Yeah, I don't know if anyone's said this yet, but my first thought was a giant thing of heroin. Edith seems like a really interesting person; who knows how it got there?

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On Scarlett Johansson and 3D, "Summertime"

Ch...ch-ch UGH!

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On Painting With People

This kind of makes me look forward to 30 Rock Wesley Snipes's implied prediction about the London Olympics opening ceremonies this summer: that they'll be a big ragged semi-committed letdown. I think as a Westerner, I'll look upon that with pride.

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On The Booodseees

@Tragically Ludicrous
I want to eat my computer now.

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On Jeremy Lin's First Real Estate Blunder

I like the quote from Aaron Chen, 42. It's like he expects Lin to start giving credit to his neighbors in interviews.

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On Jeremy Lin's First Real Estate Blunder

I don't know. I think there's something profoundly, contemporarily haunting about Buffalo Wild Wings.

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On Great Libraries in History

Oh my God is that some lustrously beautiful nineties hair. It almost revives everything that was actually good about the days when I would sit on my parents' living room carpet watching Friends and inspiredly imagining myself as a witty and great young adult.

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On One of Sofia Coppola's Stoves Only Has Four Burners

"Lovely but rather boring" seems to be her style.

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On Ditch Your Friends

You beat me to it, Jizzcliner.

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On Dumber By the Minute

John Berryman

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