On Remembering the '90s Is Good For You

Nostalgia is the black maw that will chew you up and spit you out. As soon as you believe the past was better, you've lost.

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On A Very American Open Thread

Time to saddle up the ol' eagle and soar off into the sunset.

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On In Search of a Better Definition of Bro

@iceberg OH HOLY SHIT. This is exactly like the argument about CAMP. That is - is something campy if the creator is aware of the campiness? Likewise, can a bro who knows he's a bro TRULY be a bro?

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On In Search of a Better Definition of Bro

@j-i-a I mean what, exactly, is "dudely" here taken to mean? It sounds like "broadly, but harmlessly, masculine".

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On 8 Days Alone in Kyrgyzstan

Jia, your donkey army has invaded... my heart. Unfortunately I never travel alone, because I have the same problems you do about being around too many people but in reverse. If I'm alone for a weekend, it gets messy.

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On This Is a Goodbye Post

@melis Just spent 15 minutes trying to find a gif of the various body parts crawling away through the snow to reassemble from the very ending, so I hope you're happy

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On "He's Guilty," Cop Rock

Someone come and try to tell me this is worse than Glee or Smashed. It is at least as good as both those shows TOGETHER.

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On But music with "wispy lady vocals and electronic bloop-bloops" IS amazing

@renegadeoboe I don't think his piece is about how boring liking the same things is, it's about how boring it is to think "liking coffee makes me interesting!" Which, I know a LOT of people who think their whitebread instagram interests make them fantastically unusual, and it doesn't. If you want to be interesting, you gotta maybe follow some of his other advice, not get wrapped in a list of enjoyments.

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On Inward Futures

@City_Dater As what? Watching people write long-hand? Watching people look contemplatively at a diary as they narrate whatever they just wrote? Typing is just a new thing for your fingers to touch. (ew)

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On A Conversation About Books and Money

@meetapossum The Hairpin is a national bliggety blog, tho - providing local recommendations is inherently tough! (And providing recommendations for New York only is worse.) Amazon has the benefit of being, at the very least, a nationally accessible outlet.

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