A Letter to Future Me

The other day I mentioned to my friend Natalie that I had been single for four years, going on five. I spent a good amount of time around the two and three year marks pouting and lamenting this fact, but as I have become both generally happier and also satiated with myself as company, my singledom is just a boring fact, on par with my taste for turkey bacon and the borough where I live. READ MORE

Observations on a Changing Neighborhood

I live a block from the Barclays Center, downtown Brooklyn’s much contested and controversial new arena. It’s so close that I could walk out my front door, throw a baseball, and it would hit [the ground and then roll] into the Nets store on the street level. These are my field notes. READ MORE

Conned By a Mom

For one weekend every year in May, Albany, New York, hosts the Tulip Fest, where a B-list musical guest serenades state workers and college kids, and some lucky teenage girl is crowned “The Tulip Queen.” Because I spent the second half of my senior year in Albany, and because that year Third Eye Blind was playing, I lured out-of-town friends with the promise of 11 a.m. margaritas and the chance to scream along to “Semi-Charmed Life." I even invited my younger brother, with the plan of then driving down to Long Island the next day to surprise our mom on Mother’s Day. READ MORE


Until I was about 14 years old, I thought one of my mom’s family’s traditions — the weirdest one — was one that everyone else celebrated, too. I was walking down the hall of my middle school with my friend Jenna the day before Thanksgiving break. “So, ya ready for Pinochle to visit?” I asked. READ MORE